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School Test Teaches Kids: “Commands Of Government Officials Must Be Obeyed By All”

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Papers produced by global education corporation; Part of ‘No Child Left Behind’ program
Steve Watson
Oct 29, 2013
A parent of a ten year old was shocked to discover a grammar and writing test paper that their child brought home from school reads more like document from an authoritarian country such as China.
The parent sent a portion of the test paper to Infowars, revealing that it contains sentences such as “The commands of government officials must be obeyed by all.”
The paper uses such sentences and asks school children to replace certain words in order to make the sentence contain a possessive noun.
Others within the paper include:
“The job of a president is not easy.”
“He makes sure the laws of the country are fair”
“The wants of an individual are less important than the needs of a nation”
Here is the portion of the paper Infowars received:

Upon further investigation it appears that the paper is part of a set produced by Pearson Education, a global corporation that provides education publishing and assessment services to schools in the US and the rest of the world. Pearson is the world’s largest for-profit education business.
The particular sentence about everyone obeying government commands appears in other Pearson papers, such as this fifth grade grammar test.
According to the company’s Wikipedia page and its website, Pearson owns leading educational media brands including Addison–Wesley, BBC Active, Bug Club, eCollege, Fronter, Longman, MyEnglishLab, Penguin Readers, Prentice Hall, Poptropica and Financial Times Press. Pearson is part of Pearson PLC, which also owns Penguin Books and the Financial Times.
In 2010, Pearson also negotiated a 5 year, $32 million, contract with the New York State Department of Education to design tests for students in grades 4-8.
Some have criticized the company’s test papers. Last year papers designed for NYSED were found to contain over 30 errors. Writing for the New York Times, Gail Collins noted:
“We have turned school testing into a huge corporate profit center, led by Pearson, for whom $32 million is actually pretty small potatoes. Pearson has a five-year testing contract with Texas that’s costing the state taxpayers nearly half-a-billion dollars.”
Collins outlines the fact that Pearson is being contracted under the controversial No Child Left Behind program set up by the government in 2001:
“This is the part of education reform nobody told you about. You heard about accountability, and choice, and innovation. But when No Child Left Behind was passed 11 years ago, do you recall anybody mentioning that it would provide monster profits for the private business sector?”
Collins continues:
“[Pearson's] lobbyists include the guy who served as the top White House liaison with Congress on drafting the No Child law. It has its own nonprofit foundation that sends state education commissioners on free trips overseas to contemplate school reform.”
Ah… all becomes clear. Government contracted education papers telling children that they must obey the commands of the government. Nice.
Along with enforcing government mandated rules such as banning packed lunches, this will be seen by many as yet another example of how the nanny state is encroaching via the public education system.
It’s a concept also being promoted by the mass media. Earlier this year, MSNBC ran a segment pushing the notion that kids belong to the “collective,” and that the “idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families” should be eliminated.

These revelations also remind one of Common Core, federally mandated education principles, which are effectively dumbing down students by standardizing education across the board and shutting out diversity in teaching.
Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, and Prisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

60 Minutes report on Benghazi-video

Now I think I understand why the US Government has been buying up all the ammo.  Fear of reprisal.  Limit the amount of available ammo to angry civilians, AND stockpile in case of armed insurrection because our watchdogs are NOT watching out for us, and WE THE PEOPLE may just start watching out for ourselves... finally.  I don't as a Christian support armed insurrection, but definitely understand how it COULD happen here.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Obamacare Catastrophe Reveals Barack’s Entire Paper-Mache Fantasy World



An epiphany is a moment of utter revelation when previously confused subjects suddenly become clear. The moment the grand-opening curtain fell from the ObamaCare project was a time of stunning enlightenment when, in a flash, every important aspect of Barack’s character, agenda, and method suddenly came into focus.


And the summary? Barack is clueless, a huckster, an utter fraud, a talentless grifter, the living

apotheosis of the Peter Principle—literally incapable of leadership. Virtually every idea Barack has attempted is either impossible or has failed upon inception. Further, his tenure is a grave danger to the future of the American nation and the lack of a movement for his removal is the strongest argument that USA will eventually fall.

But Barack is certainly not the only failed Leftist leader who created a future vision out of cotton candy and sugar cubes. In fact, every notable socialist or Marxist leader left a train of destruction and utter chaos in his wake. What is the reason for this? Folks on the Left will certainly have their explanations. Perhaps it is because chasing the goals of Marx is the closest modern pursuit of the ideas which motivated the medieval fixation on alchemy—attempting to convert garbage into gold. What is described below is a failure of ideology, using both Barack and the hero of his staff—Chairman Mao Zedong—as an example of the pitfalls of ideologically driven, fact blind, revolutionary change.

I. Obama Has No Idea What He is Doing

It is perhaps the most obvious conclusion in history to declare that Obama does not know what he is doing as president. When pondering how Barack allowed his signature piece of legislation, the perversely titled Affordable Care Act, aka “ObamaCare,” to overwhelmingly fail in plain sight, it is utterly incomprehensible. The options are not attractive to Barack boosters. Either he did not know the website for ObamaCare was non-functional, and therefore he is not in touch with the designers and builders of his own greatest legislation. Or, he knew it was simply a cardboard approximation, and went ahead and steered the boat of state directly into failure, anyway. Either option paints Barack as a pompous dolt.

It’s inconceivable, even if the government websites and programming of ObamaCare are somehow resurrected by a hi-tech wizard, that his reputation as a competent leader could survive. Who in their right mind would repeat Barack’s early reputation as the genius of the age? In fact, his listlessly incompetent performance is downright disturbing. Even stranger was his seeming capitulation to the state of the broken website as if it were no big deal and should simply be accepted with a shrug and a smile. Peggy Noonan’s article mentions Barack’s weird lack of a commitment to excellence in her essay, ObamaCare Is Taking On Water: It’s not just a buggy website, it’s a disaster of Titanic proportions. She says, “It is disorienting to not see this in a president. It is another thing about this story that feels not only historic, but historically strange.”

Instead, the ObamaCare collapse simply illustrates what his critics have said from day one—that Barack is an untrained ideologue who is so green to leadership he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. Virginia Postrell writes on this astounding phenomenon:

The HealthCare.gov website is a disaster—symbolic to Obamacare opponents, disheartening to supporters, and incredibly frustrating to people who just need to buy insurance. Looking back, it seems crazy that neither the Barack Obama administration nor the public was prepared for the startup difficulties.

Recall, it was not long ago that Obama was touted as a messiah-like character, fit for hosannas and praise. A song witten for him was famously sung by a children’s choir, composed of a diverse squad of urchins, and featured on Youtube (We’re Gonna Change the World video). The hymn started with:

We’re gonna spread happiness
We’re gonna spread freedom
Obama’s gonna change it
Obama’s gonna lead ‘em.
We’re gonna change it
And rearrange it

This is not far from the tales told in the book The Miracles of Chairman Mao. The book is described here,

The stories this compendium contains are so wonderfully bizarre that I must share a selection. Thus, a girl who had been deaf and dumb for years suddenly burst into song under the inspiration of Chairman Mao. In another case, a patient with a tumour weighing 45 kilograms was attended by doctors who had devotedly read their Great Leader’s Little Red Book. The operation they conducted was inspired by Mao’s statement, “Attack dispersed, isolated enemy forces first; attack concentrated, strong enemy forces later.” Accordingly, the surgeons first removed the tissues surrounding the tumour before tackling the tumour itself. At hand to help them were the hospital staff, who carried portraits of Mao even as they offered blood to the patient. As for the patient herself, when she regained consciousness, she felt her tummy to find the tumour had disappeared. The first words she now uttered were, “Long live Chairman Mao! Chairman Mao has saved me!”

II. Barack & Mao’s Revolutionary Incompetence: Great Leaps Backward

Believe it, or not, Barack has some things in common with other Leftist leaders, such as Chairman Mao Zedong. The main trait Obama shares with Mao is both have an overwhelming enthusiasm to change the world in areas of which they have no knowledge. Further, both seem incapable of taking a realistic or educated view of what they wanted to change.
For example, consider Chairman Mao’s famous program The Great Leap Forward, a policy which might be the largest failure in the history of government. Moreover, scholar Frank Dikötter states in Mao’s Great Famine: The History of China’s Most Devastating Catastrophe, 1958-1962, that the Chairman’s program may have cost the lives of over 45 million Chinese during its execution. Mao repeatedly made uneducated, ill-advised and plain stupid decisions which decimated a generation of China’s farmers. And he seems to have had no sense of sorrow or regret for the innocent people who died. Further, his resentment at the criticism set off by his decisions appears to have been a main motivation behind the Cultural Revolution, which killed millions more. Writes Dikötter,

Between 1958 and 1962, China descended into hell. Mao Zedong, Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, threw his country into a frenzy with the Great Leap Forward, an attempt to catch up with and overtake Britain in less than fifteen years. By unleashing China’s greatest asset, a labour force counted in the hundreds of millions, Mao thought he could catapult his country past its competitors…converting a backward economy into a modern communist society of plenty for all. In pursuit of a utopian paradise, everything was collectivised, as villagers were herded together in giant communes which heralded the advent of communism. People in the countryside were robbed of their work, their homes, their land, their belongings and their livelihood. Food, distributed by the spoonful in collective canteens according to merit, became a weapon to force party compliance. Irrigation campaigns forced up to half the villagers to work for weeks on end on giant water-conservancy projects, often far from home, without adequate food and rest. The experiment ended in the greatest catastrophe the country had ever known, destroying tens of millions of lives.

Dikötter mentions other unbelievable losses, including of the natural world. Up to half the trees in some provinces were sacrificed to the Great Leap. Thousands of miles of canals were created, many handmade by peasants, but because they were built without educated guidance, they were mostly unusable. Moreover, perhaps 40% of Chinese homes were destroyed. Says Dikötter, “We know that Mao was the key architect of the Great Leap Forward, and thus bears the main responsibility for the catastrophe that followed.”

Much like Mao’s failed program, Barack’s apparent failure with ObamaCare includes an inability to get the number right. Says Dikötter, “The planned economy required huge inputs of accurate data, yet at every level targets were distorted, figures were inflated and policies which clashed with local interests were ignored.” ObamaCare has a similar problem, according to MNSBC, with a refusal to give accurate numbers of enrollees, and an overall failure to admit how bad the system is. Barack’s administration is accused of lying, obfuscations, and incompetence—much like Mao!

We ought to, in good conscience, recall how easy it is to harm innocent persons with well-meaning programs which end up being destroyed by unintended bad consequences.

III. Why Alchemy Never Works

The government is a necessary watchdog. But it makes a dreadful and impossibly jealous God. And politicians make for misleading messiahs. In fact, anyone who allows himself to be sold as the savior or genius of the age needs to become immediately suspect as a wanna be tyrant. When would-be leaders offer us something for free which we know will cost money and labor, we ought to be disciplined enough to reject this fake political alchemy. There is no free lunch.

Eric Hoffer, in his classic study of mass movements, explains the psychology behind the rise of political idols. The underlying motivation is an amorphous hope for change. Consider the mass of disconsolate Obamatons who arose to follow Barack when he suddenly appeared, while pondering Hoffer’s observations in The True Believer. Hoffer stated, “The technique of a mass movement aims to infect people with a malady and then offer the movement as a cure.”
Hoffer also wrote,
“The permanent misfits can find salvation only in a complete separation from the self; and they usually find it by losing themselves in the compact collectivity of a mass movement. By renouncing individual will, judgment and ambition, and dedicating all their powers to the service of an eternal cause, they are at last lifted off the endless treadmill which can never lead them to fulfillment.”

Although Barack has failed, Americans still need to pick up the pieces and begin to rebuild our shattered republic. Let us hope we can once again find the educated and principled leaders for this crucial task. And let Americans never again fall for the charms of a progressive ne’er-do-well who promises to take garbage and change it into gold.

Friday, October 25, 2013

New Evidence Suggests Obama’s Birth Certificate Is FAKE – Citizens Demand He Show It By Nov 19

October 23, 2013 12:22pm PST

Not surprisingly, this discovery has been paid attention to by the right. But the silence from the left is deafening.

Could this silence be due to the fact that they do not know how to respond to the investigation, which was carefully conducted with hours of hard investigation, research, and facts by some of the top investigators in the country?

Mike Zullo was the lead investigator for the Cold Case Posse. He filed a lengthy affidavit with the Alabama Supreme Court where he laid out all of the problems with Obama’s birth certificate. Zullo cited Reed Hayes, a certified and respected Document Examiner in Honolulu, Hawaii (the place Obama claims he was born).

One reason that the left may be so silent, and not respond to Zullo’s findings, is that Hayes was actually an expert witness for Obama’s defense team in the past.

Perkins-Coie is Obama’s defense team — they have defended him for years against challenges to his birth certificate. In the past, Perkins-Coie used Hayes as an expert, and claimed that this man knew exactly what he was talking about with regards to document examination. But now that one of their own expert witnesses is claiming Obama’s birth certificate is fake, they are silent on the issue.

Mike Zullo said:

This ought to serve as a warning shot across the bow to the naysayers of our criminal investigation in the Obama fraud case. The impressive credentials of Mr. Hayes, and the fact that he has testified in court cases for Perkins-Coie coupled with the fact that Mr. Hayes is a registered Democrat, demonstrates the integrity of our investigation and our conviction that we possess incontrovertible evidence to back our case. It must be emphasized that we possess much more evidence similar to this revelation that we have not yet released for public information.

After all of this overwhelming evidence that Obama’s birth certificate is, indeed, a fake, birthers have set a new deadline for Obama to respond.

They say that Obama must show them his birth certificate by November 19.

Larry Klayman, the founder of JudicialWatch.com, is leading the movement. He wrote:

Last Wednesday, the great usurper, Barack Hussein Obama, after having been indicted by an Ocala, Florida citizens’ grand jury, was convicted by a people’s court of defrauding the American people and Floridians by proffering them with a fake birth certificate. See www.citizensgrandjury.com. As readers of this column and www.wnd.com know too well, Obama is not a natural born citizen eligible to be president of the United States, as he was not born in this country to two American citizen parents. However, to justify his fraud and his elections to the highest office in the land, and after years of inquiry, in 2011 the Obama White House posted on its website a birth certificate purporting to show him having been born in Hawaii. The problem is however, according to forensic experts, the birth certificate is altered and forged.

On November 19, 2013, a day that will hopefully live on in the history of our once great republic, I call upon millions of Americans who have been appalled and disgusted by Obama’s criminality – his Muslim, socialist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-white, pro-illegal immigrant, pro-radical gay and lesbian agenda – among other outrages, to descend on Washington, D.C., en masse, and demand that he leave town and resign from office if he does not want to face prison time.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Social Security is a trust, not a debt

Eugene : OR : USA | Oct 22, 2013 at 7:07 AM PDT

Acting Commissioner of Social Security Carolyn Colvin talks about Social Security and Medicare in Washington

 The Social Security Trust Fund is a simple thing. It is not a national debt. It is not in financial jeopardy. It’s a program with a $2.7 trillion surplus that has nothing to do with our budget deficit or the debt ceiling. Anyone who tries to link government debt with Social Security is either badly informed or a liar.

Since 1935, the Social Security Trust Fund has been a promise kept between the American government and citizens who pay into the fund through a payroll tax. For the next 25 years, that promise can be kept in full. But according to projections by the Social Security Administration, unless something changes, starting in 2039 the fund will only be able to pay out 76 percent of the monthly benefit levels it has promised to pay.
Borrowing money to fund the trust is not an option. Unlike other federal government operations, SSA directors don’t have the authority to borrow any amount in order to keep paying full benefits after 2038.

That $2.7 trillion surplus? It doesn’t just sit in some vault gathering interest; most of it has been loaned out by making transfers into the general fund, our national checking account that the federal government uses to pay its bills. When those transfers get paid back into the SSI fund along with interest, it’s the interest payments that add to our national debt.

One simple thing could fix the future of Social Security, and we can choose from several different options. A payroll tax increase of 2 percent would make the SSA accountants happy for the next 75 years. Tax increases are rather unpopular these days and would be a hardship for many employers, but we’re in luck – there’s an even simpler fix that also brings fairness and equality to funding our national safety net for senior citizens.
For reasons that make no sense at all, the government stops collecting the SSI payroll tax at $110,000. Any earnings above that arbitrary limit go untaxed. Raising that limit on taxable income would keep the trust fully funded for the rest of the 21st Century, but removing it altogether would be the fair thing to do.

Taxing all levels of income would ensure that benefits could increase along with the cost of living. It might even allow for benefit levels to be increased right away, or allow the retirement age to return to 65 instead of 67 as it is now.
Alternatives to either of those choices do exist. One would be to reduce benefits right now by 13 percent. A few legislators, several prominent pundits and some members of the billionaire club are pushing a different proposal that would reduce benefits only to future recipients. Both of those options are completely unnecessary, they don’t benefit anyone except a small percentage of workers who are already highly paid, and they require breaking a 78-year-old promise to the American middle class.

Medicare is a different program with different problems. Although the Medicare program is popular and efficient, with administrative costs much lower than for-profit insurance companies, 75 percent of its cost is paid from that national checking account as part of the federal budget.
Cutting Medicare costs would help balance the annual budget. Cutting Social Security benefits won’t add even one dollar to the Treasury or reduce the national debt by even one dollar. As another artificial fiscal cliff looms before us, as clouds of political rhetoric start to thicken before the next budget showdown or debt ceiling crisis, watch out for the politicians, personalities and pundits who try to lump Social Security into the short-term debt problem facing the country. Anyone who does is willfully ignorant, mentally lazy or simply lying. They should be voted of office, fired from their jobs and generally ignored.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Evangelist Billy Graham
By Troy Anderson

Just as Noah did in ancient times, world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham is sounding the alarm that the Second Coming is “near” and signs of the end of the age are “converging now for the first time since Jesus made those predictions.”

Earlier this month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the United Nations General Assembly “biblical prophecies are being realized.”

And last week, Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., claimed the world has entered the last days.
“When you see up is down and right is wrong, when this is happening, we were told this: that these days would be as the days of Noah,” Bachmann said.

The remarks by Graham, Netanyahu and Bachmann come amid a steadily rising wave of public interest in the end times, as demonstrated by recent polls and New York Times and Amazon.com bestselling books such as “The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of America’s Future,” by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, and “Four Blood Moons: Something is About to Change,” by Pastor John Hagee.

In September, a poll by the Ventura, Calif.-based Barna Group found 4 in 10 Americans – and 77 percent of evangelical Christians – believe the “world is now living in the biblical end times.”
Now, a new wave of end-times predictions for 2014 and 2015 involving blood moons on Jewish holy days and prophetically significant events on the Shemitah – the ancient biblical year of the Sabbath – are igniting even more interest in humanity’s ultimate fate.

Throw in next year’s reboot of the “Left Behind” film featuring Nicolas Cage and the cinematic destruction of biblical proportions in “Noah,” starring Russell Crowe, and last-days fever is back with a mainstream vengeance.

Jonathan Cahn’s “The Harbinger” reveals an astonishing prophetic mystery unfolding today
“I think we’re on the verge of a global awakening in interest in apocalyptic events,” said Paul McGuire, an internationally recognized prophecy expert who is a regular commentator on Fox News and CNN and appeared on two highly rated History Channel specials, including “7 Signs of the Apocalypse.”

“I see a fuse being lit here, between what Billy Graham, Michele Bachman and Benjamin Netanyahu said, and I think there is going to be an explosion of interest in the end times like nothing we’ve ever seen before,” McGuire said.

Watching the signs

In an exclusive email interview with WND, Graham, 94, who is giving what may be his last message to the world as part of the My Hope America with Billy Graham evangelistic outreach in early November, said the world is “coming toward the end of the age.”
“There’s a great deal to say in the Bible about the signs we’re to watch for and when these signs all converge at one place we can be sure that we’re close to the end of the age,” Graham wrote. “And those signs, in my judgment, are converging now for the first time since Jesus made those predictions.”

In his new book, “The Reason for My Hope: Salvation,” the famed preacher who has delivered the gospel message to more people face-to-face than anyone in history wrote the great hope of the Christian faith rests in the promised return of Christ.

Graham said he now has a burden for “sounding the alarm for humanity to repent and turn from their sin … just as Noah did in ancient days.”

“God keeps his promises, and this is why we can be sure that the return of Christ is near,” Graham said. “Scripture tells us that there will be signs pointing toward the return of the Lord. I believe all these signs are evident today.”
The evangelistic outreach and book come as a number of major evangelists – Graham, his son Franklin Graham, Reinhard Bonnke, Greg Laurie, Luis Palau, Banning Liebscher and others – are turning their attention toward America in the hope of helping ignite what Graham calls an end-times “great spiritual awakening.”

In what the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association describes as the largest outreach in its six-decade history, Graham will give a dynamic and poignant pre-recorded message the week of Nov. 7, his 95th birthday. The My Hope programs will be available for viewing online and on YouTube. The Cross, the primary program in the My Hope series, will be broadcast on the Fox News channel, TBN, Christian networks and local television stations in a number of cities.

The event follows an open letter Graham released in the summer of 2012 titled “My Heart Aches for America.”

In the letter, Graham wondered what his late wife, Ruth, would think of a nation in which “self-centered indulgence, pride and a lack of shame over sin are now emblems of the American lifestyle.”
Graham compared America to the ancient city of Nineveh, the lone superpower of its time. When the prophet Jonah finally traveled to Nineveh and proclaimed God’s warning, the people repented and escaped judgment, Graham wrote, adding he believes the same thing could happen today.


The end-times warnings by Graham, Netanyahu, Bachmann and others come amid a series of events in recent years that have prompted many to ask whether the countdown to Armageddon has begun.
The events include the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Hurricane Katrina, the global recession and more recently what some view as an increase in purported end-times signs, including super-earthquakes, mega-tsunamis and gargantuan storms and tornadoes.

“We’re looking at things like the possibility of another global economic meltdown,” said McGuire, an author of 22 prophecy books, including “The Day the Dollar Died” and the upcoming “A Prophecy of the Future of America.”

“Consider the earthquake warnings, the potential volcanic eruption of Yellowstone, the Japanese tsunamis and the radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster traveling across the ocean and contaminating the food supply here on the West Coast, along with massive tornadoes the size of which we’ve never seen in human history,” he said.

McGuire said government and scientific experts are also expressing concerns about the potential of a massive West Coast tsunami, increased solar flare activity and severe climate change.
“The dramatic and unprecedented planetary climate change is something on the level of the apocalyptic predictions of the Bible,” McGuire said. “We’re on the verge right now, because of climate change, of massive food and water shortages, which could affect tens of millions of people worldwide because of the droughts that have occurred. The intense heat and water shortages have dried up the crops, and we are going to see that play out in the near future because of all the freak weather.”

Blood moons

Against this apocalyptic backdrop, prominent faith leaders such as Graham, Greg Laurie, Cahn and John Hagee say they are witnessing an unparalleled acceleration in last-days signs that suggest the Second Coming is fast approaching.
Hagee, pastor of Cornerstone Church and author of the newly-released book “Four Blood Moons,” told his 22,000-member congregation recently that the appearance of four blood moons on Jewish holy days between April 2014 and October 2015 points to a “world-shaking event” that could signify the beginning of events leading up to the seven-year Great Tribulation.

God is using the heavens to announce things to come, says Pastor John Hagee.
“I believe that the heavens are God’s billboard – that he has been sending signals to planet Earth and we just haven’t been picking them up,” Hagee told his San Antonio, Texas, congregation. “Today, with the help of God’s word and some very astute scientists, I’m going to walk you through 500 years (of four blood moons on Jewish feast days) and show you how God is literally screaming at the world: ‘I am coming soon.’”

The phenomenon, a rare combination of lunar and solar eclipses, has only occurred a few times in the last 500 years – 1492, 1948 and 1967. It will happen again in 2014-15.

The previous dates correspond with the Jews’ expulsion from Spain and Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America (a sanctuary for the Jewish people), the creation of Israel, the Six-Day War and what Hagee and other Bible prophecy scholars believe could be the Middle East “War of Gog and Magog” predicted by the prophet Ezekiel 2,700 years ago. This war, according to Bible prophecy scholars, involves an attack on Israel by a coalition of nations led by Russia and Iran.

“The Bible speaks of signs in the heavens that have been discovered and recorded by NASA that you yourself can find on Google on the Internet,” Hagee told his church. “The coming four blood moons point to a world-shaking event that will happen between April 2014 and October 2015. What does it mean? What is the prophetic significance? Is this the end of the age?”

Likewise, Cahn, author of “The Harbinger,” which has remained on the New York Times bestseller list since its release in January 2012, says his book highlights a pattern of escalating judgments at seven-year intervals on the Shemitah that may point to another major prophetic event between September 2014 and September 2015.

Cahn’s book, based on a real-life prophetic mystery he discovered in Isaiah 9, frames a biblical warning of national judgment in a narrative as a journalist encounters a mysterious figure, “The Prophet,” who claims the same nine harbingers of divine judgment that preceded the destruction of Israel 2,700 years ago are now manifesting in America.

The book, and its newly released nonfiction version, “The Harbinger Companion,” notes that the greatest stock market crashes in American history occurred seven years apart. The first was shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and the next on Sept. 29, 2008, amid a global economic panic.

“Both crashes took place on the exact same biblical day, Elul 29, the day of the Shemitah, the day appointed in the Bible to strike a nation’s financial realm, and wipe clean its financial accounts,” said Cahn, the senior rabbi at the nation’s largest messianic congregation, the Beth Israel Worship Center in Wayne, N.J.

“The Shemitah is based on a seven-year cycle,” he said. “If you go back seven years from the greatest crash in our financial history, it takes you to [Sept. 17, 2001].”

And while Sept. 11, 2001, and Sept. 29, 2008, are not exactly seven years apart on the Western calendar, they are on the biblical Hebrew calendar, Cahn pointed out.

“On the biblical Hebrew calendar, it was Elul 29, the Day of the Shemitah, to strike a nation’s financial realm,” Cahn said. “So the greatest crashes in American history, up to those days, each happened on the exact same biblical day, the day that just happened to be appointed to strike a nation’s financial realm, and exactly seven biblical years apart to the very day and the very hours.”
The next Shemitah begins in September 2014 and concludes in September 2015. And while he’s not “dogmatic as to what will happen,” Cahn said it’s quite curious to note that the dates of the blood moons “in some ways parallel the Shemitah’s in that they take place also between 2014 and 2015.”

“The correlation between (the blood moons) and the Hebrew holidays are very interesting,” Cahn said. “The occurrence of the blood moons on these Jewish holidays occurred only a few times in the past 2,000 years. Some of these, in the early Middle Ages, are hard to connect to significant dates. But the last three, the Spanish expulsion, the birth of Israel and the regaining of Jerusalem, are all very significant dates in Jewish history and, in the case of two of these, in end-time prophecy.”

Haven’t we heard this before?

Despite these apocalyptic portents, critics point to a nearly endless string of failed end-times predictions dating back thousands of years. This includes the the Mayan apocalypse on Dec. 21, 2012, and radio evangelist Harold Camping’s prediction that Christ would return on May 21, 2011.
Laurie, pastor of the 15,000-member Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Calif., and president of Harvest Crusades, said he’s seen many end-times prognosticators come and go over the last several decades.

Laurie, who got his start under the ministry of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Pastor Chuck Smith, who died Oct. 3 at age 86, became a Christian during the Jesus Movement of the 1970s – a time when there was a great emphasis on the imminent return of Christ.

It was the decade of Hal Lindsey’s “The Late Great Planet Earth,” the book the New York Times called the “No. 1 nonfiction bestseller” of the 1970s. The book popularized prophetic beliefs about the last days and contributed to the Jesus Movement.

“Well, clearly, decades have passed and Jesus has not returned,” Laurie said. “Were we misguided in our beliefs? Well, I don’t think we were. The Bible says that God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and it also says in the same series of verses that God is not late as some men count lateness, but is longsuffering toward us.

“And I’m glad that God did not answer our prayers back in the early ’70s for Jesus to come back, because if he had, there would have been a lot of people who would have missed the Rapture and would have gone through the Tribulation period.”

Today, Franklin Graham, the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, said there is an urgency and sense “that the Lord Jesus could be returning soon.”

“The Bible gives us warning signs,” he said. “Jesus told his disciples the things people should be looking for, and I believe all the prophecies that have to take place for Jesus to return have been fulfilled.”

One of the big prophecies was the rebirth of the nation of Israel in 1948.

“It’s just now a question of when is that time, and I believe in my own heart that it’s sometime soon,” he said. “When I say soon – the next 10, 20 years – I don’t know. But as far as the history of the world, I believe we’re coming down to the midnight hour on God’s clock.”

‘We can’t go on much longer’

Charlie Daniels, the country music legend and the host of the recent documentary, “Behold a Pale Horse: America’s Last Chance,” said Billy Graham is a very dedicated man of God and “what he’s feeling is very much valid and in connection with what is going on now.”

“I also feel the end times are approaching,” said Daniels, who is best known for his No. 1 country hit “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” “I don’t know the chronology. I don’t know when it’s going to happen, but I know it’s closer than it was. I believe that the things left to be fulfilled in the Bible could be fulfilled in a very short amount of time.”

It’s a time, Billy Graham wrote in “The Reason for My Hope: Salvation,” to take the news of the day in one hand and the Bible in the other and watch the unfolding of the great drama of the ages come together.

“This is an exciting and thrilling time to be alive,” wrote Graham, a man who has preached to more people – 2.2 billion – than any Protestant in history and who has appeared on Gallup’s list of the most admired men in the world 56 times since 1955, more than any other individual in the world.

“I would not want to live in any other period,” he said.

“The Apocalypse (the unveiling of the end times) speaks powerfully of trouble ahead with storm warnings that carrying a booming jolt of truth. The warning is clear: prepare to meet thy God – followed by the voice of the gentle Shepherd – ‘Come.’”

A new world is coming, Graham wrote. The paradise that humanity lost in the Garden of Eden will be regained. Christ is coming to conquer evil and establish his perfect rule over all creation
“But until then God wants to give everyone an opportunity to know Christ through repentance and faith,” Graham wrote. “Regardless of what society says, we can’t go on much longer in the sea of immorality without judgment coming. We are at a crossroads, and there are profound moral issues at stake. It is time to return to biblical truth.”

An award-winning journalist at the Los Angeles Daily News, The Press-Enterprise and other newspapers for two decades, Troy Anderson writes for Reuters, WND, Charisma and many other media outlets. He’s also the president and editor-in-chief of the World Prophecy Network – An Online Newsmagazine and Community Spreading the Hope of Jesus in the End Times. He lives in Irvine, Calif.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/10/billy-graham-sounds-alarm-for-2nd-coming/#RuQ5xfA8MC0IjdzU.99

Friday, October 11, 2013

$2 Billion Dollar NSA Spy Center Going Up in Flames


The Fiscal Times

October 8, 2013

The National Security Agency's $2 billion mega spy center is going up in flames.

Technical glitches have sparked fiery explosions within the NSA's newest and largest data storage facility in Utah, destroying hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, and delaying the facility's opening by one year.

And no one seems to know how to fix it.


For a country that prides itself on being a technology leader, not knowing the electrical capacity requirements for a system as large as this is inexcusable.

Within the last 13 months, at least 10 electric surges have each cost about $100,000 in damages, according to documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal. Experts agree that the system, which requires about 64 megawatts of electricity—that's about a $1 million a month energy bill--isn't able to run all of its computers and servers while keeping them cool, which is likely triggering the meltdowns.


The contractor that designed the flawed system—Pennsylvania-based Klingstubbins--said in a statement that it has "uncovered the issue" and is working on "implementing a permanent fix."

But that's not the case, according to the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE), which is in charge of overseeing the data center's construction. ACE disagreed with the contractor and said the meltdowns are "not yet sufficiently understood." 

A report by ACE in the Wall Street Journal said the government has incomplete information about the design of the electrical system that could pose new problems if settings need to change on circuit breakers. The report also said regular quality controls in design and construction were bypassed in an effort to "fast track" the project.


The facility—named the Utah Data Center—is the largest of several new NSA data centers central to the agency's massive surveillance program that was exposed by former NSA contractor turned leaker Edward Snowden earlier this year.

Communications from all around the world in the form of emails, cell phone calls and Google searches, among other digital details are stored in the center's databases, which are said to be larger than Google's biggest data center. But due to the major system meltdowns, the NSA hasn't been able to use the center's databases, which it has claimed are crucial for national security.

- See more at: http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Articles/2013/10/08/2-Billion-NSA-Spy-Center-Going-Flames#sthash.mxAtL08e.dpuf

Living in the Favor of GOD!


There is much in life that is unpredictable; our health, world affairs, and the behavior of others to name three. This unpredictability becomes significant only because much of our life is predictable; our routines at work and home. Other people are predictable; the relative who will talk your ear off, the friend who loves controversy, the colleague who always has a smile.

But what about GOD, is GOD predictable? Is there a set pattern to GOD’s encounters with us? Do our encounters with GOD have a predictable effect on us? That is one of the issues the prophet Joel addresses in this passage. The prophecy that bears his name is short, only three chapters. The three chapters focus on a single problem. There is a national crisis; a plague of locusts. Joel sees this plague as an onset of the “the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord.” (Joel 2:31 NKJV), which is mentioned five times in the book. Joel goes onto say that this day, “it shall come to pass That whoever calls on the name of the Lord Shall be saved.” (Joel 2:32 NKJV) It is a familiar theme for the Hebrew prophets. The day of the Lord is a day when GOD will go to war with His enemies.

This event in the history of Israel is meant to be a warning to GOD’s people, including us. We too, have locusts in our lives that serve as wake-up calls; a tragedy, a failure, people who seek to harm us. The result of these locusts in our day is that, “Surely joy has withered away from the sons of men.” (1:12 NKJV). Joel’s word to believers of both his day and ours is simple: these “locusts” are pointing us to GOD. That does not mean of course that, GOD has sent the locusts, although, GOD may have. It does mean that GOD can use these events in our lives to draw us closer to Him.

If that is true, what should our response be to the locusts in our lives? Some fight back when they feel attacked. Others work harder in their personal or spiritual lives. Some become depressed and shut down. Still others play the blame game and try to find someone responsible for the difficulties they are facing.

Faithful men and women, wisely turn to GOD. When a person does this, they can expect criticism. Friends may suggest that it is hypocritical to turn to GOD in a time of personal crisis. “Why did you not turn to GOD in the good times?” they might ask. Interestingly, GOD never suggests in Scripture to turn to Him in our time of comfort. GOD encourages us to turn to Him in our times of crisis and GOD celebrates in our time of comfort. Joel says that GOD can and will do something about the locusts. GOD waits on us to place our faith in Him. Then, GOD acts on our behalf.

Joel contends that GOD always responds when His people repent. GOD responds by putting things right. The Lord protects us from our enemies. GOD comes to provide for our basic needs and comes to comfort us in our sorrow and despair.

If this is the way GOD responds to the negative events in our lives, how should we respond to GOD’s intervention? Some might lapse back into a spiritual lethargy. Some might take GOD’s intervention for granted. Joel envisions a day when the people of Israel respond as they should. They will respond to GOD’s intervention by living in a new way. This new way of living is the life of the Spirit.

Joel contends that when we respond to GOD in faith, he will pour out his Spirit on us; regardless of our age, gender, or status. This is a new idea; in the Old Testament GOD’s Spirit is poured out on individuals, such as; prophets, kings, leaders. The Spirit resides in a person as long as they are doing GOD’s will. Once their task is completed, the Spirit leaves them. Joel envisions a day when the Spirit is poured out on all GOD’s people and remains with them.

The result of this gift from GOD is wonderful, that unexpected things will be seen. Everyone will testify to GOD’s goodness. All the children of GOD will testify, as we might expect, men, women, and children will also testify. This is a sign of a new world.

Of course, Christians understand this new world to be the kingdom of GOD. They believe this new world began at Pentecost, when followers of Jesus received the promised gift of the Holy Spirit. These disciples went out into the streets of Jerusalem and witnessed to what they had seen and heard. Peter’s sermon at Pentecost is the summary of what these first Christians were telling their Jerusalem neighbors. It is a reaffirmation of Joel’s message: repent, turn to GOD, experience GOD’s blessing, receiving the Holy Spirit, and entering the kingdom of GOD. Peter makes clear that this has all been made possible through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, who, he claims, is the promised Messiah.

Joel’s little book presents us with a timeline. It is a timeline for Israel, but it is also a timeline for our own lives. Each of us must decide where we are on that timeline. Are you living with the locusts? This is the initial stage where a person realizes that there is a problem and that they need help.

Are you turning to GOD? Have you come to the conclusion that GOD, can and will help. It is the realization that you need to ask for His help? This is the second stage.

Have you turned to GOD? As a result, are you enjoying GOD’s blessings? This is where many Christians are today. They have turned to GOD, GOD has responded, they are enjoying their “blessed status.”

Or, are you living in the “favored status” of the Holy Spirit? This is where GOD wants you to be. If you are living in the favor of the Holy Spirit, you are telling others about what GOD has done and wants to do. You are sharing what GOD has done for you and encouraging others to join you in this wonderful new life in the Holy Spirit of GOD.

Bishop JD Sparks
Touching Heaven Ministries


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