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Catholic leader rejects 'Jewish state' | Jerusalem Post

The Roman Catholic Church, of which Tony Blair is now an official member (the EU spokesperson for middle east policy/peace) claims Israel should not be of Jewish character, but rather a "political, normal state for Christians, Muslims, and Jews"!?!!?? What is a political, normal state for the Jews that could not be of Jewish character? The false prophet is staking out his territory in public. To call herself a "Christian Church" puts a blemish on true Christianity. The Roman Catholic Church is "Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Harlots" of Revelation. Please read Alexander Hislop's book Two Babylons, accessible from the links to the left. Also please read Recommendation 666 by Herb Peters if you haven't yet, also accessible from the links to the left. If the Jews have been able to retain their Jewishness over 2000 years without a homeland, what makes anybody think you can give them their own land back, and then hope they will not be Jewish in character. How blind are the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church. Blind leaders of the blind...its followers shall end up in the ditch.
Catholic leader rejects 'Jewish state' Jerusalem Post

Saturday, December 22, 2007

What's Tony Blair Been Doing Lately?

This was pulled from a website that the creater is pulling down according to its author. His decision to pull it was made the night before Mr. Blair converted to Catholicism. Since I just stumbled across it, and now it will disappear, I wanted to post some of his latest about Mr. Blair before it was too late to refer to it. It follows...

Article follows, from The Sunday Times, December 16, 2007
Tony Blair talks big money as £1m speech maker
Tony Blair is earning up to a million a month with his addresses. But how does a Middle East peace envoy have the time?

By Robert Watts
TONY BLAIR is making between £500,000 and £1m a month from public speaking engagements, matching the earning power of President Bill Clinton.
Sources close to Blair, who left Downing Street last June, say he is delivering up to five speeches a month, with a typical fee of between £100,000 and £200,000.
Blair, who is also working unpaid as a Middle East peace envoy, is to embark on his most lucrative speaking tour in January, when he is likely to make as much as £500,000 in America and Canada for three speeches in four days.
On January 14 he will address 5,000 people at the Gibson Amphitheatre, a rock music venue in Universal City, near Los Angeles, for the American Jewish University. The most expensive ticket, at $2,500 (£1,200), includes the chance to join the former prime minister and other speakers at a cocktail reception and dinner, and to have a picture taken with him.
Tickets are being sold for up to $1,000 to hear him speak the next day at the Californian millionaires’ resort of Indian Wells. Tim Parrott, executive director of the Desert Town Hall lecture series, said Blair currently had greater pulling power than Clinton, who earned £15m for speeches in the four years after he left the White House.
“There is great interest in how he managed to get along so well with two presidents, one liberal, one conservative,” Parrott said. “His Middle East peace role will ensure he remains in demand for years to come.”
On January 17 Blair will address 2,000 people at the Westin Harbour Castle, overlooking Lake Ontario, in Toronto. The event is sponsored by TD Bank Financial Group.
One sponsor said: “Blair has been at the centre of the world’s most important geopolitical events for 10 years. People here want to know what he has to say about his role as a Middle East peace envoy.”
Last month it was reported that Blair received up to £240,000 for one 20-minute speech in China. Cherie Blair typically charges about £15,000 a speech.
If he manages to maintain his high profile, the Blairs should easily be able to service and pay off the mortgages of almost £4m on their properties in Connaught Square, in London, Bristol and Sedgefield, Co Durham.
The former premier is maintaining a relentless pace as he combines his roles as peace envoy with that of international speaker and philanthropist.
At his headquarters at the American Colony, a luxurious hotel near Jerusalem’s Old City, he usually rises by 6am, his meetings frequently start at 7am and he often continues working past midnight.
One hotel staff member said: “One day recently he had meetings with four Israeli ministers in the morning. They came in one after the other – boom, boom, boom, boom. Then he had dinner with Condoleezza Rice [the US secretary of state] in the evening.”
Last Monday Blair breakfasted in Riyadh, having met Saudi royals the night before. He lunched in Kuwait City with the Kuwaiti prime minister. Then it was on to Doha, to hold a meeting with the Qatari government and meet the editorial board of Al-Jazeera, the Arab news network. A 30-minute live television interview followed.
By Tuesday morning he was meeting the prime minister of Qatar, before jumping on a plane to Israel. That afternoon he addressed the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, held a press conference and then headed off to stay the night in Bethlehem to promote western tourism in the holy land. Blair’s schedule now involves far more international travel than when he was prime minister. He uses scheduled airlines as much as possible, but often charters private jets to keep up the pace.
“He’s worse than he was before,” said John Burton, the agent who has stood at Blair’s side since he won the Sedgefield parliamentary seat in 1983. “I think Cherie thought she’d see a bit more of him when he finished as prime minister, but he’s in Britain about two days a month.”
“I feel sorry for the family,” said one observer close to the Blair camp.
Cherie did drop in to inspect her husband’s new Middle East residence for the first time two weeks ago. But he was on the other side of the Atlantic, embroiled in peace talks in Annapolis, Maryland. She lunched alone in the hotel’s courtyard and booked into the David Citadel, an even more expensive hotel.
Sir Winston Churchill, Graham Greene and Lawrence of Arabia used to be regulars at the Colony, where Blair and his entourage have taken over the fourth floor, with security provided by discreet Scotland Yard protection officers rather than Uzi-toting Israeli-style security.
A display in the lobby lists recent guests as the actors Uma Thurman, Richard Gere and Robert De Niro; Kofi Annan, the former United Nations secretary-general; the fashion designer Giorgio Armani; and the musician Sting. Field Marshal Sir Edmund Allenby, who liberated Palestine and Syria from Ottoman rule during the first world war, was a frequent visitor to the hotel and said: “If you want dialogue, this is where it happens.” Details of Blair’s new life have largely been kept from public view. But over the past two weeks, members of his entourage have disclosed the minutiae of his daily round and given insights into his new role.
He apparently jokes with room service at the Colony that in the Middle East he can evade a coffee ban imposed by Cherie after his 2004 heart operation. He usually orders two large cafetières of a potent Arabic brew each morning. Others report that he is a regular in the hotel gym, pounding on the running machines well before dawn.
One American tourist recently flaunted a snap taken on her mobile phone of her embracing a sweaty Blair midway through one such session.
At one point the attention became too much for the former prime minister and he asked hotel staff to install a running machine in his room.
About 60% of Blair’s time is taken up by the attempt to bring peace to the troubled region as the peace envoy of the “quartet” powers – the United Nations, European Union, United States and Russia.
He is trying to put into practice some of the lessons of the talks that ultimately led to a peace deal in Northern Ireland, such as involving leaders as closely as possible in face-to-face talks to ensure they have a personal stake in a successful outcome. Hamas is barred from talks because of its demands for the destruction of Israel.
Tomorrow Blair will co-chair a conference in Paris to secure £2.8 billion of donations for the Palestinians to prop up their ailing finances and support development projects.
For Blair, the meeting is every bit as important as the Annapolis talks last month: it is part of his strategy to build “Palestinian capability” – the infrastructure needed to create a state.
Ninety delegates representing dozens of countries, as well as institutions such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, UN and EU, will gather in Paris at the request of the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas. The British government has already said that it will pledge £250m for the next three years.
Blair is also promoting projects that provide jobs and housing for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, including a Japanese-funded agricultural and industrial park near Jericho and a sewage plant in northern Gaza.
Negotiations have proved successful over a business park close to Jenin and a new tourism campaign to promote the holy land that will employ both Israelis and Palestinians. However, the number of jobs such schemes will create are counted by the dozen, not the hundred.
New Labour’s strong links with Israel mean that Blair must tread carefully. One of the property schemes in the West Bank being considered by Blair’s team is backed by the Portland Trust, a charity run by the financier Sir Ronald Cohen, who has close links to Gordon Brown. Cherie Blair is now working with the Portland Trust in a promotional role.
Blair has also consulted Daniel Levy, who has worked as a special adviser to various senior Israeli politicians. He is the son of Lord Levy, Blair’s chief fundraiser, who was at the centre of the ultimately fruitless cash-for-honours inquiry.
Sources say Blair relishes the opportunity to oversee such projects by getting out into the region and meeting locals. In recent weeks he has met the mayors of Gaza, Hebron and Bethlehem, with Israeli security officials and with members of the public.
Much of the public reaction is discouraging. In Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the Palestinian territories, few people on either side believe much will come of his intervention. Say “Tony Blair” to a Palestinian, and the words “arrogant”, “Iraq” and “Bush’s poodle” are often fired back.
The running costs of Blair’s peace mission are considerable. Accommodation at the Colony exceeds $1m a year, and the travel budget adds a similar amount. He has a UN fleet of vast silver SUVs and three Mercedes. Locals resent his road convoys, which are blamed for traffic snarl-ups.
The salaries of the dozen officials seconded to Blair from the UN, EU, Whitehall and the World Bank are not known. David Miliband, the foreign secretary, recently declined to answer a parliamentary question about the cost of providing staff for his old boss.
About a quarter of Blair’s time is spent on establishing his two UK foundations, a sports charity for the northeast and a think tank to improve dialogue between the Jewish, Christian and Islamic communities.
The sports body’s goal for next year is to attract 365 adults back into coaching football, athletics, indoor rowing and tennis. Its HQ is Myrobella House, his old Sedgefield home, but the key staff of both charities are based in London.
Blair’s setup in the capital signals the scale of his ambition. He has taken a £550,000-a-year lease, to run until 2017, in Grosvenor Square on the site of a property that in 1785 became the first US embassy on British soil.
The team that work in the rooms of the Colony are newcomers. In his London offices he has found roles for many of the staff from his Downing Street days.

Ruth Turner, once his head of government relations, whose home was subjected to dawn raids by police during the cash-for-honours inquiry, works full-time on the inter-faith foundation. She is an unpaid volunteer on the sports one. Nick Banner, a former Foreign Office official and close confidant from the No 10 days, has been installed as Blair’s head of staff.

Amid all this activity, Blair has had little time to contemplate his time as prime minister. His memoirs, for which he negotiated a deal worth £4.6m with the publisher Random House, have been put on the back burner and are unlikely to appear for another two years.

By then he will hope to be able to add another chapter: The Middle East Peacemaker.

Inter-faith foundation
— Being set up by Ruth Turner, Blair’s former head of government relations, it is to be launched in late February or March 2008.
— It will be an inter-faith think tank designed to promote better dialogue between Muslims, Jews and Christians. Among its key aims will be encouraging faith communities to quell extremism. There will be regular meetings and an annual conference, similar to the Clinton Global Initiative, the think tank set up by the former US president.
— Faith leaders, including senior members of the Church of England, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, Muslim leaders and Roman Catholic bishops in North America, have been consulted.

As long as it lasts, here is the link to this site:

Tony Blair converts to Catholicism -

Since Tony Blair is the EU annointed spokesperson for middle east peace, it is potentially huge that he is officially Roman Catholic. Many believe Tony Blair will become the Antichrist (I don't think so, but he may move into Javier Solana's spot). I believe the Pope of Rome will become the false prophet. Tony Blair will warrent close observation.
Tony Blair converts to Catholicism -

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KBR hearing centers on handling of rape kit | - Houston Chronicle

More on the Jamie Leigh Jones story- more cover ups, 11 more women come forward, KBR HR personell admit sexual harrassment is their greatest complaint, but is hasn't been corrected yet! Follow this link.
KBR hearing centers on handling of rape kit - Houston Chronicle

Monday, December 17, 2007

We Knew It All Along...

Pivotal US-Iraqi Deal Would Leave US Troop Presence in Iraq for Decades
DEBKAfile Special Report
November 27, 2007, 6:01 PM (GMT+02:00)

US President George W. Bush made sure of a wall-to-wall Arab audience in Washington on Monday, Nov. 26, when, over a secure video-link, he signed a deal in principle with Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki for an “enduring” US military presence in Iraq.
Iraqi officials foresaw a long-term presence of 50,000 US troops - down from the current 170,000.
Negotiations on the shape and size of the long-term US military presence, including military bases outside the cities, must be wrapped up by July 2008, when Washington intends to finish withdrawing the five combat brigades it added in 2007.
The US-Iraqi agreement would replace the UN mandate after its final extension to the end of 2008.
Maliki said in a televised address that the agreement provides for the US to support the “democratic regime in Iraq against domestic and external dangers,” as part of a strategic partnership. The principles provide for US military roles in deterring foreign aggression against Iraq and helping Iraq fight terrorism. Baghdad will encourage foreign capital into Iraq - especially American investments in developing its oil resources.
Three key points emerge from this “declaration of principles.”
1. President Bush needed this document - alongside the Annapolis Israel-Palestinian process - to prevent the policies he set in motion in the Middle East from expiring when his term of office ends. These policies are contingent on a permanent large-scale presence of US military, marine and air forces in the region – guaranteed up to app. 2030.
2. DEBKAfile’s military sources refer to a master plan disclosed on this site and DEBKA-Net-Weekly in late 2006, whereby more than 100,000 US troops will quit Iraq by the end of 2009, leaving behind 50-70,000 in twenty huge land and air bases. These bases are under construction; they will be secured by broad swathes of space, fortified with weaponry and remote-controlled electronic devices.
The American troops will be responsible for protecting Iraq’s borders from external threats, such as Iraq or al Qaeda, while Iraqi forces will be take charge of security in the cities.
3. US air strength and special forces in these bases will have rapid deployment capabilities for reaching points outside Iraq at need.
4. While this is not spelled out clearly, the declaration offers to reward the US for these defensive arrangements with preferential treatment for American investors in oil and other projects in Iraq. The United States thus plans to retain control over Iraq’s oil resources.
Two flies in the ointment in this deal are noted by DEBKAfile’s Iraq sources:
First, Americans will want explanations for the decision to keep an enduring US military presence in Iraq. Notwithstanding the recent success of US security strategy, the majority would prefer to see every last US soldier out of Iraq as soon as possible. This is especially so when the improvement may be short-lived and the violence recur.
Second, the Shiite prime minister’s signature on the declaration will not suffice to make it binding on all segments of Iraqi society. It will have to stand up to Kurdish and Sunni Muslim approval in and outside parliament.
Third, as matters stand now, the Shiite-led central government in Baghdad does not call the shots in the Sunni regions of central Iraq or the autonomous Kurdish region in the north.
Many bumps face the Bush-Maliki deal in the eight-month road up to its finalization. And even then, its practical segments will have to be adjusted to the satisfaction of the Iraqi government and the far-from stable conditions operating on the ground.

Rape in the Green Zone-Halliburton Guilty

A few posts earlier I wrote...
Have you read where State Dept. employees had been reluctant to rotate through Iraq? The State Dept. was going to force its employees into mandatory posting in Iraq. I can't imagine why. They now have enough volunteers. The new MRAP described in the posting below might be one reason they can now get volunteers. They are probably going to be more directed toward the safety of the State Dept. than for the current military on the ground. They haven't been all that concerned until now for our boys in peril. But to lessen the qualms of its State Dept. employees, safety must be a priority. The embassy will be self sustaining, independent of the need for Iraqi support of resources (water, electric, waste disposal, etc.)With the government, it is MOSTLY smoke and mirrors. Get everyone to look at the right hand while the left hand is busy doing something devious. It is called magic(k).

Now I may have to reassess my thoughts. At least now we can see why female State Dept. workers are reluctant to rotate through, or maybe why males are becoming less reluctant. Seems females are open season to the males, who may be protected from prosecution for RAPE, even against US CITIZENS!

Watch the video at the site about how Jamie Leigh Jones was gang raped and intimidated by Halliburton employees, kept in a storage container for days, as a US Civilian Employee living in the Green Zone! She apparently isn't the only victim. This is an OUTRAGE! Cheney must demand immediate retribution from his former employer!
The Jamie Leigh Foundation

Tom DeWeese -- American Education Fails Because It Isn't Education

Wonder why every other nation on this planet has better test scores on their students tests? Ever wonder how it is possible with all the money we are throwing at education that our students keep getting farther and farther behind? Is it true, or just the rantings of a few vocal troublemakers wanting to scare you again? Scaring us seems to work towards someones agenda. If "They" can keep us scared, we can be easily manipulated. As sad as that truth is, the sadder truth is that our students are getting dumber all the time, by design! Please read this and learn why Johnny is failing even though he is getting good grades.
Tom DeWeese -- American Education Fails Because It Isn't Education

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Nation: Christians, Muslims pledge to seek common ground

First, when I went to this site I read the by-line "National Catholic Reporter, The independent newsweekly" and snorted. Independent Catholic. Independent of what? Roman Doctrine? Ideology? Oversight? OK, I'm done with that. (Deep Breath)

If you belong to one of the groups listed in this article, you need to examine your theology. If you can agree with the Roman Catholic stand per Vatican II, you may think that Muslims can be saved, go to heaven without submitting to the lordship of Jesus Christ, and without admitting that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God, actual God...manifest in the flesh. IF you agree with that theology, you need to stop listening to your pastor/teacher, and get your nose in the book! Vatican II says that is the case. Jesus said the ONLY way to the Father is through him! There is no other name under heaven given among men whereby we might be saved. Mohammed was not God, but Jesus IS God. Mary is NOT in the Godhead, nor is she remotely divine. Nor can she forgive sin, or influence mean ol' Jesus who won't forgive you unless he looks at...oh, never mind.

Don't forget this post: World Religion
Nation: Christians, Muslims pledge to seek common ground

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Military Lost Track of Equipment in Iraq Worth Millions.

If anyone is watching this site, please note the previous postings. $200+BILLION has been earmarked for US Army upgrading towards its new high tech wizardry. USAF $'s aren't reported here., but I suspect the numbers couldn't be far behind. I'll have to check on the Navy. Meanwhile, healthcare continues to be forced by governmental intervention to CUT BACK>>>CUT BACK>>>CUT BACK!!! Social security may just pass into the night.
The Government can't afford healthcare (supposedly a government "..of the people, by the people, and for the people") because it throws MILLIONS (or up to a billion of total equipt.) away, apparently supplying our "enemies" with the equipment they need to remain insurgents, and "terrorists". You can't fight an enemy that doesn't exist. It may be necessary to support one from the ground up. Does anyone suspect the CIA may have caused uprisings in order to intervene before? False flags are not a new thing. I am not a Micheal Moore fan, but his documentary, "Sicko" is pretty damning of our system of healthcare. As a nurse in a progressive hospital, I hear all too often how we must continue to do more with less because of new government mandates to CUT BACK>>>CUT BACK>>>CUT BACK!!! We can't afford to take care of US citizens because we gotta war to win!
The largest American Embassy in the world being built in Iraq, as a self sustaining, US city with it's own water, energy, etc., and we hear that we will start cutting back our military operations when Iraq is able to handle it without us. Not in the planning apparently, since we can't account for MILLIONS of US DOLLARS worth of arms and ammunition. Ground troops will be required for a lonnngggg while.
Have you read where State Dept. employees had been reluctant to rotate through Iraq? The State Dept. was going to force its employees into mandatory posting in Iraq. I can't imagine why. They now have enough volunteers. The new MRAP described in the posting below might be one reason they can now get volunteers. They are probably going to be more directed toward the safety of the State Dept. than for the current military on the ground. They haven't been all that concerned until now for our boys in peril. But to lessen the qualms of its State Dept. employees, safety must be a priority. The embassy will be self sustaining, independent of the need for Iraqi support of resources (water, electric, waste disposal, etc.)
With the government, it is MOSTLY smoke and mirrors. Get everyone to look at the right hand while the left hand is busy doing something devious. It is called magic(k).

And please check out the "Related Sphere Content links"
Military Lost Track of Equipment In Iraq Worth Millions, Audit Says -

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MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) Vehicles - U.S. Department of Defense Official Website

This is late in coming, but I'm glad our boys in Iraq are finally getting the equipment they have needed all along. I am NOT for our participation in Iraq, but if our boys are there, I AM for giving them the right equipment.

Also when you are there, under "Related Information" click on "FY 2008 Global War on Terror Request" for the pdf file the Army published for informing the US public on what they are planning, how they are planning to do it, and how much it will cost!
MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) Vehicles - U.S. Department of Defense Official Website

Future Combat Systems

This is the Army's version of USAF 2025, but the army feels it needs to be there now, and is planning to spend over $200 billion to get there. In case you didn't see the Air Force plans go here:
and dont forget this one,
Future Combat Systems

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Ron Paul on the Evil Fed, the IRS, and Saving the Buck

Found at posted on Nov.29, 2007

By Maria Bartiromo

At 72, Ron Paul is a Web phenomenon. His campaign says that some 80% of the $17 million raised in the past four quarters—including about $4.3 million in one October day—has come from online supporters. And according to a mid-November poll, the Republican Presidential hopeful is gaining ground in New Hampshire, though he's still in single digits. Like maverick candidates such as Howard Dean in 2004 and Ross Perot in 1992, Paul seems to connect with voters hungry for unvarnished positions. Paul, an obstetrician and 10-term congressman from the Texas Gulf Coast, voted against the war in Iraq and wants the troops home fast, but it's his economic ideas that are the most radical: He detests the Fed and would abolish the IRS. Paul was about to climb on a plane for a campaign trip to South Carolina when I caught up with him.

Q: As President, how would you strengthen the economy?

A: The most important thing is to get control of the budget, because the more we spend and the higher the deficit, the more we have to tax and borrow and inflate the currency—literally create new credit to buy Treasury bills. We need to restore confidence in the dollar before [its decline] gets out of control. The easiest place to cut spending is overseas because it's doing so much harm to us, undermining our national defense and ruining our budget. I would start saving hundreds of billions of dollars by giving up on defending the American empire. I'd start bringing our troops home, not only from the Middle East but from Korea, Japan, and Europe, and save enough money to slash the deficit. We can actually pay down the national debt and still take care of people here at home. That would restore a lot of confidence.

Q: What is the most important change you would make?

A: Aim for the federal government to immediately live within its means, to take the pressure off the Fed to create money.

Q: And that means what?
Means no more inflation. If the Fed doesn't create money out of thin air—and they do it mostly to accommodate the deficits—that would restore the soundness of the dollar and give us our purchasing power back.

Q: But as President, you're supposed to be independent from the Fed. You would encourage the Fed to stop printing money?

A: You know this idea that we can create a secret bank and they manage things and rarely tell us—or Congress or the Executive Branch—what they're really doing, there's a problem there. I can't even go to a monetary policy board meeting of the Federal Reserve, and I'm on the Banking Committee of the U.S. Congress. I want open government, and certainly the Fed ought to be open. But it's an institution that really shouldn't exist. [Its financing] allows Big Government to get bigger without being responsible. And that's why we have runaway spending for both warfare and welfare.

Q: Hasn't the Fed been effective in providing liquidity in the current credit crisis?

A: You're right, but it's sort of like a drug addict. The drug addict demands more or he's going to have convulsions. The economy would have a convulsion if the Fed didn't inject more credit. But if you continue to do that, the problem gets worse. You can't solve the problem of monetary inflation with monetary inflation. These circumstances have all been created by our government and the Fed.

Q: How was the recent crisis caused by our government?

A: It was astounding that you could get a mortgage at 4%, and this was all due to the Fed creating money and artificially lowering rates, which gets people to do the wrong thing. Builders do the wrong thing, and people borrow money and buy houses they can't afford.

Q: How would you change tax policy?

A: Ideally, get rid of the income tax. In the meantime, I'd give huge tax credits to anybody who wanted to take care of their own medical care. I'd give tax credits for all educational benefits. I'd get the government out of managing education and medicine. And do it by changing the tax code.
I have a bill right now that is very popular, especially for people who are trying to work their way through college or who are having a tough time making ends meet, and that is to exempt all taxes on tips. People who have a first job or a second job waiting on tables and doing other things, they're harassed by government rules and regulations, and sometimes they have to pay higher taxes than the tips they actually receive. I'd move next to saying no taxes on anybody who's trying to get through college. Why do we tax them, make it hard for them, then give them grants? It doesn't make any sense.

Q: Who are your economic advisers?

A: I don't have any. I read Austrian economics, which I've been doing for 30 years. So my advisers have been [von] Mises and Hayek and Sennholz.

Q: Do you consider yourself a friend or a foe of Wall Street?

A: If they believe in freedom, free markets, and sound money, they'll love me. But if they like creating credit out of thin air, they'll see me as a threat. I was one of three people who voted against Sarbanes-Oxley because I thought it was detrimental to Wall Street. I'd repeal it.

Q: You want to take the troops out of Iraq, but what about Iran? What do we do if other nations turn hostile?

A: I'd treat them something like what we did with the Soviets. I was called to military duty [as a U.S. Air Force flight surgeon] in the '60s when they were in Cuba, and they had 40,000 nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles, and we didn't have to fight them. We didn't have to invade their country. But to deal with terrorism, we can't solve the problem if we don't understand why they [attack us]. And they don't come because we're free and prosperous. They don't go after Switzerland and Sweden and Canada. They come after us because we've occupied their land, and instead of reversing our foreign policy after 9/11, we made it worse by invading two more countries and then threatening a third. Why wouldn't they be angry at us? It would be absolutely bizarre if they weren't. We've been meddling over there for more than 50 years. We overthrew a democratically elected government in Iran in 1953; we were Saddam Hussein's ally and encouraged him to invade Iran. If I was an Iranian, I'd be annoyed myself, you know. So we need to change our policy, and I think we would reduce the danger.

Q: You have vehement new supporters. What's driving the sudden interest in your candidacy?

A: I think they're sick and tired of what they're getting. They've lost all trust and faith in the government. They believe in the American Dream, and they're getting a nightmare. And they're rallying behind the program I've been working on for 30 years—defending the Constitution, limited government, free markets, sound money, and self-reliance; believing people can take care of themselves better than government can. The nanny state doesn't work, the police state doesn't work, and neither does the warfare. And they know it.

Maria Bartiromo is the anchor of CNBC's Closing Bell.

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Poll: More Americans Believe in Devil than Darwin |

According to a new Harris poll:
Poll: More Americans Believe in Devil than Darwin

I never appreciate it when "Born-Again" is listed as separate from "Evangelicals" or even "Protestants", because I, on occasion may call myself any of these. I also call myself fundamentalist, and Apostolic. I am called by others, "backslider", bible thumper, or Jesus freak. Pigeon-holing folks may make some feel superior, but shows an inferior attitude. Smug intellectualism is possible on at least two sides of most issues. Refusing to honestly look into the opposing sides arguement traps people in error. Many Creationists are ex-Darwinists, for a reason. Many Ph.D.'s have become creationists because of in-depth study and honest intellectual pursuit. For proof go here 17 pages of Ph.D.'s who dissent from Darwinism. Think they are all intellectually inferior? Check out there job titles, and places of employment, then smugly tell yourself that you are smarter than they are.

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Video on Demand-Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis has made available some wonderful videos that bible believing Christians really need to watch, and interested folk who want to know if the bible is believable. The bible is the only resource book that is totally void of mistakes and errors. These video series will help you to understand the world better, and from a biblical perspective. Too cool to NOT take advantage of! Now this is permanently linked on the left side column for easy access!


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