Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mark of the Beast time?

End Time Magazine has the largest audience of any prophecy magazine, according to it's editor. Irvin Baxter Jr has lived this end time message for longer than I have known him and he baptized me over 25 years ago. This man is not a fly by night upstart with fringe oddities he likes to spout off. He readily says he could be wrong about specifics, but like many of the rest of you, he sees the designs...and many specifics. God has led him to supernatural understandings that are too wild to be ignored or easily forgotten. I respect this man's understanding of prophecy as much as I could any one's, and have witnessed his personal ministry and lifestyle, and pledge to you that the few things I have ever disagreed with him about have been insignificant! This guy should be heard...often. Pay attention to all this man has to tell you, and then take it all to the Bible to see how accurate you think it is.


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