Friday, April 13, 2007

The Inquisition

While googling "The Inquisition" I found page after page of misinformation and bad referrals. I googled "Pope Gregory IX" to obtain anything usefull. Our current population is horribly mis/un-informed about the horrors and causes of the Roman Catholic Church's Inquisition. It was not a "Christian" maddness against the world, but a Roman Catholic maddness against Christianity!
This web page is not just about the Inquisition, but about Papal power, Roman Catholic doctrine which sets aside the scriptures that establish the true church. I am sure some will be angered and offended if you are currently uninformed, or misinformed, but please approach this subject with an open heart. Truth can hurt.
Click on the title "The Inquisition" above to get to the link.


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