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Ron Paul gains momentum

Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility
Ron Paul: Constitutional message of limited government gaining momentum
By Geoff Whittington/p>

Sunday, May 20, 2007

During the last few years American news outlets have been reporting the impact of the US Government at home and abroad. Risking job loss and reprisal whistleblowers and journalists have been sharing a list of revelations: warrantless domestic spying, misinformation as a pretext for an illegal invasion of Iraq, the misuse of Presidential signing statements, the abuse of Habeaus Corpus, a National ID program that threatens privacy, economic bullying of other countries, Guantanamo Bay abuses, torture, growing debt, and a faltering dollar. The list is destined to grow longer because the US Government grows unchecked. Every day this faceless entity clamors for more power and funding. It is not known to what extent this government will stop infringing on the rights of its citizens and the rest of the world. Ironically, though, it is this same mainstream news that must share fault: it does not provide the requisite forum to debate the creeping size of government.

The Constitution is the legal framework for American free society and it provides the rules for the US Government. The Constitution was originally designed as a safeguard from tyrannical governments. However, the aforementioned list provides strong indication that something very close to a tyrannical government is coming soon. Regrettably, it is the law-abiding hard-working citizen who suffers. He is forced to pay more taxes, experience a growing loss of liberty and privacy, faced with a bleak economic future, and is offered no effective platform to debate the political trend. The present situation wouldn't be so gloomy had the US Government simply followed the rules.

It is natural that large organizations like the US Government seek to legitimize their activities, expand its power and grow its influence. This is common practice for most bureaucracies. Though for this reason the US government was instructed to operate within the confines of The Constitution. Unfortunately over the years the media has failed to bring attention to Constitutional subversion. The US Government has converted a healthy republic into a bully and debtor by breaking the rules. Thankfully, though, an opposition is organizing itself to reverse the trend. Today America has an opportunity to restore The Republic by supporting 2008 Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is a 9 term Congressman, physician, and a veteran of the Vietnam war. He is currently seeking Republican nomination for the Presidency. His voting record is undeniably consistent with the limited government ideal. Each time the federal government has proposed spending bills to expand its responsibilities and power beyond The Constitution Ron Paul has voted ÒNoÓ. Aligned with him are groups who wish to increase state autonomy, lower taxes, increase federal accountability, reduce inflation and introduce legitimate fiscal responsibility. Ron Paul's support is growing and his message of limited government is breaking into mainstream news.

The growth of Ron Paul support is due to a number of reasons; future social security problems, war weariness, agreement that the US must cease being the Òpolicemen of the worldÓ, refreshing candor, opposition to Internet regulation, understanding that the size and role of the US Government is unsustainable, concern for further erosion of liberty and a wish for a meaningful economic future. The community rallying around Ron Paul is proving to be an influential group.

Beginning first with MSNBC, then ABC, the National Post, Yahoo! News, Chicago Tribune, and others this group has systematically expanded coverage of Ron Paul and the message of limited government. The media's reaction was first predictably quiet and then soon engaged in damage control. Media critics soon joined the fray and blasted news outlets for failing to provide fair and accurate coverage of Ron Paul and the other candidates. Providing a fair and balanced debate is important to Ron Paul and his supporters because it allows the American people to hold their government accountable.

The media is the fourth branch of government and shares responsibility for the future of The Republic. Due to the failure to provide effective debate on the growth and influence of the US Government media is complicit in the creation of an unsustainable debt, the perilous intervention around the world and the infringement upon personal liberty. The role of government must soon become a focus in American political debate because the current governmental trend is alarming. Fortunately the 2008 Presidential Race is providing the American people with a real alternative in Ron Paul. They would be wise to encourage Ron Paul and his constitutional message of limited government. Allowing the same tired message to be sold in the news threatens to provide similar, if not more horrible, outcomes for the American people.

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