Monday, September 24, 2007

What if You Only Had 5 yrs Left?

This isn't really a gruesome question. It isn't supposed to be about knowledge of an impending death, or catastrophe, BUT...I believe it is very likely that the event commonly called the Rapture of the Church is within a 6 year window. Assuming you are a born again believer, and we may have only 6 more years to work in...are you where you want to be, or need to be in this hour? Many teach that the Rapture of the Church is possible at any second. They believe there is nothing left to happen before the rapture and...OOPS there it is! I believe the temple must be rebuilt, and the man who is to be the anti-christ must yet set himself up in that rebuilt temple proclaiming himself God. I believe that Javiar Solana may be that man, and the Euro-Neighborhood Policy may be the 7 year pact that he confirmed to be initiated Jan. 1, 2007. I believe it may be that the first 3 1/2 years already started. I, therefore, believe that we may have much less time than many think.

I would be thrilled to be shown that I'm wrong, and the rapture happens sooner...OOPS here it is! I want to be raptured before the 2 billion die in the BIG WAR yet to come, but that is only the 6th trumpet. I hold to a 7th trumpet rapture. I want to miss the "mark of the beast" period, but again, if it happens at the "last trump" 1 Cor.15:52, then I will still be here. I hope against hope that I am wrong.

Since I believe that I still have some time left, and I believe in the "end time revival" pentecostals have been preaching about for so long, I want to be used of God for this revival! What do I have to do to be one of the bright shining examples of evangelism I so want to be? What do YOU have to do to get where you want to be?


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