Monday, November 12, 2007

The Two Babylons--Alexander Hislop

I know most people today just don't think they have time to actually read a BOOK anymore, but I assure you THIS book is one of the most enlightening books you will ever read. Hyperbole is NOT an issue here. You will understand the "Mystery Religions", history, the Bible...basically everything better by having read this book. Excellent scholarship, critical thinking, and presentation. A MUST READ for the discerning Christian today. It is a lot of pages, but it's time to step up, grow up and arm yourselves. I suggest you download it to a portable drive, for sharing purposes. I believe the prophetic understanding of this scholar was limited. It's one thing to look back with understanding, and is needful to look forward, but to see forward is much trickier. His conclusions are completely reasonable to his understanding, but fulfilled prophecys are often only partial fulfillments with fuller fulfillments yet to come. If you skip chapter 7, you will not harm yourself, I believe. If you skip all 7 chapters, I believe you will harm yourself.
The Two Babylons--Alexander Hislop

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