Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Ron Paul on Leno | The New York Observer

Why wasn't Ron Paul at the Fox News Debates? HE WASN"T INVITED!!! How could they not invite the biggest recipient of internet raised money- an obvious HIT with mainstream America? He isn't in the same private club that ALL the rest of the field is, including the owners of the major media (FOX NEWS), the C.F.R., council on Foreign Relations. Every president for the past 50 years except Ronald Reagan has been a member. Reagans staff was stacked with members. Whether you vote Democrat or Republican, you vote for a member who will take orders from the true leadership of this country. It's called the Power Behind the Throne! Shadow government! It's called American politics as usual- not as our country was set up, but as it has been since the CFR has highjacked the presidency. That is why Ron Paul is getting ignored by major media; major media has kept American citizens in a media blackout for 50 years. We are being brainwashed. 1984 is a little late, but the game's the same. Even local news papers are being bought out by major players owned by CFR members. The Pal-Item, local paper in small town Richmond, Indiana is a Gannett owned enterprise. Gannett is, I understand, owned by CFR folk. I get most of my news from the internet, BBC, alternate news affiliates. The powers behind the presidency are NOT pro-America. Central banking, jobs being sent overseas, the highway from Mexico that will run through America to Canada, that Congress OUTLAWED- but BUSH OK'D ANYWAY!!! all show that it is planned to be the way it is by enemies from within. None Dare Call it Conspiracy by by Gary Allen 1971 will explain a lot of it to you. The entire text is available on-line here, FIRST watch the video clip of Ron Paul on Leno.
Ron Paul on Leno The New York Observer

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