Thursday, March 27, 2008

50 Years in the Church of Rome

From chapter 10 of "50 Years in the Church of Rome" by Charles Chiniquy, former Roman Catholic Priest.

We know by history the year in which the magnificent temple consecrated to all the gods, bearing the name of Pantheon, had been built at Rome. We were acquainted with the names of several of the sculptors who had carved the statues of the gods in that heathen temple, at whose feet the idolaters bowed respectfully, and words cannot express the shame we felt on learning that the Roman Catholics of our day, under the very eyes and with the sanction of the Pope, still prostrated themselves before the same idols, in the same temple, and to obtain the same favours!
When we asked each other the question, "What is the difference between the religion of heathen Rome and that of the Rome of today?" more than one student would answer: "The only difference is in the name. The idolatrous temples are the same: the idols have not left their places. Today, as formerly, the same incense burns in their honour? Nations are still prostrated at their feet to give them the same homage and to ask of them the same favours; but instead of calling this statue Jupiter, we call it Peter; and instead of calling that one Minerva or Venus, it is called St. Mary. It is the old idolatry coming to us under Christian names."

The entire book is available in the links to the left. This should be read by all Catholics who want to gain strength to leave the Roman church, and should be required reading for all Protestants. If you think the Priests and nuns have the peace that passes all understanding, this will change your mind. If you think you can, as a Protestant, send your children to Catholic schools and not have their faith destroyed, read this book!

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