Friday, April 11, 2008

Dan Froomkin - Cheney on the Warpath Again? -

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On Permanent Bases
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The Washington Post reports: "The Bush administration has assured Congress that it does not seek to establish 'permanent' U.S. military bases in Iraq. But an exchange yesterday among Sen. James Webb (D-Va.), State Department Iraq coordinator David Satterfield and Assistant Defense Secretary Mary Beth Long at a Foreign Relations Committee hearing suggests that permanence lies in the mind of the beholder:

"Webb: What is a permanent base?

"Satterfield: Senator, the administration has made quite clear that we are not seeking permanent bases in Iraq. . . .

"Webb: Right. But what is a permanent base? Are our bases in Japan permanent bases?

"Long: I have looked into this. As far as the department is concerned, we don't have a worldwide or even a department-wide definition of permanent bases. I believe those are, by and large, determined on a case-by-case basis. . . .

"Webb: Well, I understand that. But basically my point is it's sort of a dead word. It doesn't really mean anything.

"Long: Yes, Senator, you're completely right. It doesn't."
Dan Froomkin - Cheney on the Warpath Again? -

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