Sunday, September 21, 2008

Acts 2:38-The Seal of Salvation

Pre-Catholic, pre-Reformation doctrine taught by the first century church is tricky to find in today's world, outside of the "Oneness Pentecostal" movement. The typical Anabaptist church is closer in many respects regarding holiness of heart and devotion to TRUTH, but have missed the importance of Acts 2:38 truth. God judges the heart, and having a real devotional relationship with Jesus Christ is more important than ritual or "cook-book" doctrines, BUT the bible says that God esteems His Word even above His own name!

In reading Anabaptist material, I am struck with their early devotion to Christ instead of worshipping the existing churches, and the institutions. Now, however, they seem to worship their heritage, their own church more than the truth. The early Protestant leaders burned Anabaptists at the stake, and persecuted them to death...literally! Their claim to follow Christ rather than the protestant churches or it's leaders has been replaced by being forced to follow their own leaders under fear of being shunned. They have replaced one evil with another. They have lost the ability to "follow Christ-no matter what". It's never wise to fear any man or group of men more than fearing to follow the Word.

Doctrine is vitally important. Rightly dividing the word of truth is commanded for each of us, not just our leaders. Blind leaders of the blind cause both to fall into the ditch. Please peruse the power point presentations found in the links on the left: "Integrity OF the Word, and TO the Word", "Baptism-Water and Spirit", The Roman Road to Salvation-in Perspective", and "Tablernacle in the Wilderness"

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