Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Over Seas Visitors

Welcome, to all of you who are from all over the world outside the United States, especially the repeat visitors! I am guessing that since you come back you are not just offended, looking for an argument. I am also guessing you are a little shy? You never leave a comment. Oh well, neither do those from stateside. Oh, I recently deleted one who cursed me, but that was the only negative comment I have received. Some e-mail me directly, which you can do by going to my profile, where you will find an e-mail link.

If you really appreciate what you find here, and there is much to find, please e-mail a link or page to your friends! If you have a question outside of what you find here, feel free to ask. I am not a novice. I have been ordained by the Apostolic World Christian Fellowship (which I have not kept current, but was never in bad standing.) I had a small church, ministered in several, and have been a bible teacher for decades! That is not to say I have all the answers, but I love looking them up.

The main thing I would say to you is, listen to people you think you may disagree with. They may be right. Give them the opportunity to present their case. Trust ONLY the Bible and the God of the Bible. Obey Acts 2:38! If those whom council you argue against the Bible, don't even hear them. But if they are Bible based, and stay pretty much only in the Bible, listen to them.

And start leaving comments.

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