Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Council on Foriegn Relations

America's Unelected Rulers-by Kent and Pheobe Courtney
a Conservative Society of America publication-1962

Now that the deception of Foreign Aid being used to fight Communism
has been exposed, the Foreign Aid promotors have switched
to a new line, which is, according to the Council on Foreign Relations
Study No . 7, to "assist the less-developed areas throughout
the world ." This new foreign policy switch, strangely, follows
an instruction from the late Joseph Stalin, dictator of the Soviet
Union, who stated in "Marxism and The National Colonial Question,"
(pages 115-116) :

It is essential that the advanced countries should render aid --
real and prolonged aid -- to the backward countries in their cultural
and economic development . Otherwise it will be impossible to
bring about peaceful coexistence of the various nations and peoples
-- within a single economic system, which is so essential for the
final triumph of Socialism .

It should be noted that when Stalin used the world "Socialism"
he actually means Communism, inasmuch as in Communist jargon,
the words "Socialism" and "Communism" are interchangeable.

Still trust the members of the Council of Foriegn Relations to run our government? This should be a litmus test for election. If you are of their mindset, we don't want you in power! Both Democrat and Republican parties get their running-mates from this private club. They've been stacking the deck against the US Constitution for decades. It's time for it to stop! If you elect a Democrat or a Republican, generally you elect a committed socialist (communist). Notice the government takeovers of big business...this is socialism.

Please read "None Dare Call it Conspiracy"

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