Friday, March 19, 2010

Apollyon Rising 2012

I've seen the cover of this book advertised at different sites, but just didn't get the bug to bite...until now. If you click on the title of this post (after watching the video sells pitch) you can go to a website that posts a three part series, radio broadcast interviewing the author of this book. It is a mind-blowing interview, and now I have to read the book to find out what he didn't have time to reveal in the interview, which is still very revealing. Even without having read the book, I would advise it. I would advise 1st listening to the radio interview, then you won't need a sales pitch.

This is from their site:

* Unrecognized by the vast majority of peoples around the world is the greatest conspiracy of all time, sitting right out in the open in Washington DC and at the Vatican. It is an ancient, magical, talismanic diagram—the Lost Symbol—which waits its final use by the hidden, occult hand guiding the Secret Destiny of America toward the year 2012.
* To make sure they are prepared, the ritual for what is coming has been rehearsed in the Heredom by the Supreme Council over Washington DC with every passing US president starting with George Washington in anticipation of the deity's return in 2012.
* Many US Founding fathers were aware of these prophecies and designed the Capitol City to serve as the home of these pagan gods on their return.
* This secret is also openly hidden in the most spectacular way in the US Capitol Dome, directly tying the US and Vatican to the Mesoamerican 2012 date.
* Catholic priests who tried to warn about what was coming died under mysterious circumstances.
* A 200 Year Old cipher encoded on the Great Seal of the United States points to the same prophecy concerning the return of the gods in the year 2012.
* Nearly 500 years ago the Maya prophesied about the Colonial date 1776 as the beginning of the last 13 katuns leading to apocalypse in 2012. When academic Richard N. Luxton interpreted The Book of Chumayel: The Counsel Book of the Yucatec Maya 1539–1638, he was astonished to find it was connected to the "Christian Last Judgment" and the date 2012.
* A couple modern "Mayan elders" - who have been getting themselves in the news lately by claiming the year 2012 will not lead to the end of the world - are covering up how their prophecies diametrically contradict the prophecies of their forefathers including the Maya, Aztec, and numerous other ancient peoples who foresaw this time as portending destruction and "judgment from the gods."
* 200 Years ago Cherokee Indians prophesied likewise and set their calendar, like the Maya and Aztec, to end in the year 2012.
* In more than one place in the New Testament, scripture reveals by the same name that the deity encoded in the Masonic prophecy on the Great Seal and elsewhere throughout Washington DC will be the dreaded Antichrist.
* Over 700 years ago Orthodox Jewish priests prophesied in the Zohar that their Messiah would arrive in the year 2012.
* The first degree Masonic Tracing Board contains the same prophecy toward the year 2012.
* Jesus Himself in Matthew 24 may have set the date for the apocalypse around the year 2012.
* This is a short sample of the HUNDREDS of new revelations in Apollyon Rising 2012.


  1. Miss Macdonald's "Vision" Located!

    Visit Joe Ortiz's "End Times Passover" blog (Mar. 9th) to see a rare 19th century "rapture" document found in the famous British Library in England. The document is listed in that library's catalogue as "Margaret Macdonald's Vision," and you will see a facsimile of the handwritten account of her discovery of a pretribulation rapture in the Bible - the first instance of such teaching (1830) and this facsimile is the first time any portion of her history-changing "revelation" has ever been aired.
    And Southern California media personality Joe Ortiz is honored to be the very first person to ever air this document associated with the young Scottish lassie who is now a household name.
    Some other Google articles related to Margaret Macdonald are "Pretrib Rapture Diehards," X-Raying Margaret," "Edward Irving is Unnerving," "Thomas Ice (Bloopers)," "Pretrib Rapture Secrecy," and "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty.

  2. More people should read the bible! Matt.24 says it all..."immediately after the tribulation..."


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