Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where Do You Fit In?

The Pharisees thought they were protecting holiness by adding to the word of God.  They weren't satisfied to let the word guide peoples consciences...but felt it needful to put fences around every aspect of a persons life to make sure the people didn't step afoul of God's desires.  God's word shows them to be self righteous.  Those that didn't care about the added rules were considered holiness outcasts!  Dressing purposefully to be considered "holy",  man must see them as separate and spiritually more approved by outward appearances, in their own minds.
  Dress was just one aspect of their special separateness. 

The Sadducees had a habit of disregarding the parts of scripture that they thought fanciful...angels and resurrection, etc.  They were of the habit of taking away from the word of God.

The Herodians were a group who where more interested in the political spectrum, and the advantages of being connected to the right power, politically.  Politically minded, rather than word oriented.

These were the sects that attempted to guide the minds and hearts of the masses Jesus came to set free.

The WORD came and was distinct from those classes.  He was SO DISTINCT from them that they just didn't understand Him at all!

He was so distinct from them, and didn't fear them, or respect them for their positions, that they hated Him... enough to kill Him!

Are you a spiritual Pharisee?  Probably not in your mind, because you have been taught they were self righteous and spiritually blind...and you are spiritually enlightened because your pulpit pope told you so.  But do you judge other's spirituality based on clothing, or hair style...or length?  How about if they go to church 3 or 4 times rather than once or twice a week?  Did I spot lip gloss on sister Suzys lips Sunday morning?  Can I still call her "sister" Suzy?  Yes darling, you are being influenced by a pharisee.
Did you notice Larry hasn't shaved his upper lip for a week?  Pharisee.  Jack was drinking wine at a public restaraunt last night.  Should I advise the pastor...or council?  Pharisee.

I know the bible talks about creation, but Darwin proved evolution, didn't he?  Isn't science more reliable than a bunch of stories, written thousands of years ago?  What about dinosaurs?  (They are in the bible)  Does this sound like you?  Sadducee.  World flood that killed every human on the earth except 8 folks?  Doesn't sound like the God I know about...?  Sadducee.

Think being so concerned with bible stuff that we should be marginalized out of the right to have a voice regarding the politics of our nation?  Herodian.

What about the zealots?  Ready to take up arms against a repressive government!  Read the sermon on the mount.  (Matt.chapter 5)  Right wing religous wingnuts ready to shoot to kill, contrary to Biblical Christianity. not your own life, even unto death.

Is this time so different than when Jesus first appeared in the flesh?

He still is contending with the adders to... the takers away from... and politically minded folk, that have no understanding of their need for the WORD of GOD.

Don't YOU be one of them.  Read YOUR OWN BIBLE.  Understand what it says.  If you don't understand it, get help in understanding it.  It is YOUR responsibility to teach it to your children.  Don't let the government, or the religous fellowships of man relinquish you of Your God Given Responsibility!

You will be held responsible to God for you children's religous upbringing, not your pastor, or Sunday school teacher.  It is fine to have another do the teaching if you know it is correct.  You are still responsible to monitor what is being taught.

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