Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Real Life Matrix in America

By Doc Vega

In the successful science fiction movie series the “Matrix” and its resulting sequels, Keanu Reeves plays a leading role as a resistance fighter pitted against an evil prison planet electronic alternate dimension. This “Matrix” as the phrase applies to the movie, is operated by a global fascist government that has enslaved mankind. By entering the Matrix alternate dimension Keanu Reeve’s character combats the forces that are responsible for oppressing the masses, censoring reality, and imposing a brutal police state upon mankind.

The true Matrix?

This movie may sound far fetched, and there have actually been people who have taken this movie to heart and are convinced that the whole scenario is real. Some people have even had psychotic breaks and nervous breakdowns from their fervent belief that such a nightmarish plague against mankind exists. How far from reality is a true Matrix from being in our day to day lives? Actually, we are already existing in a sort of Matrix now! It is the schism that has been created by government disinformation, the US media’s dedication to parroting this propaganda, and a federal government sponsored public educational system that is teaching our children to submit to these falsehoods.

 Mass media sanctioned deception

Too many Americans prescribe to news on radio and TV that has been dictated by the White House to the major news agencies. Rather than reporting the news in America objectively and asking the President tough questions when failing government policies and high taxes make life miserable for US citizens, the press corps merely repeat the jargon broadcast to them from the White House Press secretary without further inquiry.

 The progressive lie

The Matrix that exists right now in America goes much further than that however. The people are being tricked into supporting policies that enslave them through the introduction of so-called progressive ideology. There is progressive teaching, progressive social policies, progressive taxation, and progressive legislation which uses a word that only implies something that actually does not pertain to these liberal attempts at transforming our society at all. In the 1980′s President Reagan exposed Communism for what it was, a political ideology committed to the draconian control of almost every aspect of a society’s population through a powerful and brutal centralized government. To the point of citizens spying on each other, children turning in their own parents if they disagreed with the government, and even the denouncement of and gradual obliteration of the church and the belief in God.

 The ultimate quest for control

The state would become the God of the masses, all knowing, all imposing, and all powerful, the state would force all to exist on a level playing field thus destroying individual achievement, taking away incentive for the individual to work harder and smarter than others and be rewarded for it. This is the premise of progressive education that seeks consensus of classroom peers rather than objective reality. It is the control of the child’s mind by the state.

Altering the perception of reality

This is where the Matrix begins! Punish the over achievers, prevent the rich from emerging by the merits of their own efforts, anything the outshines the others is frowned upon and punished. Remember the Matrix is the distortion of reality, getting society to believe that reality itself does not matter when an installed belief system interdicts the truth and the state dictates the type of truth that fits their definition. Now if we substitute Communism for Progressivism, have we not done the same thing? We have just altered reality to suit a consensus created by the state to serve it’s own purposes while the people who buy into the Matrix become the willing subjects who are ruled not governed.

 Assault of the US Constitution

Here in America today we have a federal government who is at odds with the US Constitution because it expands the awareness of the people about their rights and freedoms The Constitution clearly defines the role of government as being minimal in people’s lives and to be restrained from over extending its powers over the citizens of this country. So, our lawmakers, our legislators, and our leaders who want to expand their control over the people view the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution as an obstacle to their designs. You cannot have freedom and equal rights in a police state. Therefore, the “ Big Lie” that Joseph Goebbles, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, said could be told over and over again until it became an accepted belief is today a tool still used by the left in America.

Aaron Russo weighs in

The Matrix of an alternate reality exists when the government pursues global warming in the face of exposed pseudo science and conspiratorial attempts at altering climate data. A vast movement is thus created based upon false information. Aaron Russo, a former music promoter, movie producer, and whistle blower on government corruption, exposed many aspects of the Matrix that are designed to mislead the people and get them to accept drastic changes in their lives under the aegis of falsified schemes concocted by the powers that be.

 Social justice the tool of the Matrix

Being a friend of David Rockefeller, Aaron had the opportunity to hear how the megalomaniacs had devised propaganda to mislead the populace over the truth behind social issues utterly resulting in further enslavement through taxation without representation and over regulation. David Rockefeller confided in Aaron over the issue of women’s liberation introduced into society as a supposedly equal rights for women platform when in actuality there was a much different motive behind the narratives. “We realized that only 50% of the American household was being taxed. If we could get the other half of the household out in the work force and tax those wages we would double the tax revenue,” David Rockefeller explained to Aaron Russo

 Freedom is a threat to the Matrix

In other words our society had been socially manipulated not in the name of equality, but for the sake of increasing government taxation. By the way, women’s liberation was always a cornerstone of the progressive movement wasn’t it? Once again, remember that in the Communist Manifesto that women’s liberation was a step in reducing the priority of the family and further elevating the importance of the state in the affairs of the public. The government more effectively controls society as the basic foundations such as family cohesiveness, faith in God, and individual liberties are eroded as these concepts give people belief systems dangerous to a police state, welfare state, fascist state or collectivist state. The Matrix is in full force when the perception of a society has been effective manipulated by the state so that it can install its own agendas!

 Buying into the Matrix

If we as Americans are unaware of the true news of the world because of the spin put on it by our compromised media, if we are misinformed about the true motives behind the actions of a government that is not serving the best interests of the people, and we have been effectively misled and have accepted this alternate reality of lies, than indeed we are in the Matrix.

As long as too many Americans have bought into the Matrix we can be convinced that the Constitution is no longer a guiding light in our nation. We can be convinced that the state can mold the minds of our children in the classroom. We can be convinced that America no longer has a right to be a world leader and that our prosperity only victimizes others so we deserve to suffer under a steady decline beneath the rule of the Obama White House. If we can be convinced that there is no God and no place for him in our court rooms, as an influence in government conduct, or as a guiding light in the lives of our families, than the government becomes our God, we listen to it, we believe everything it tells us, and we submit to it completely! Welcome to the Matrix America many of you are already there!

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