Saturday, December 28, 2013

Egyptian AG charges Hillary Clinton for conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood

In 1643, Pastor Samuel Rutherford wrote Lex, Rex, or the Law and the Prince. In it he commented about the king’s limited power, he said, "God hath given no absolute and unlimited power to a king above the law [of God].

When the magistrate doth anything by violence, and without law, in so far doing against his office he is not a magistrate. Then, say I, that power by which he doth, is not of God. None doth, then, resist the ordinance of God who resist the king in tyrannous acts.

Therefore an unjust king, as unjust, is not that genuine ordinance of God. So we may resist the injustice of the king, and not resist the king. If, then, any castoff the nature of a king, and become habitually a tyrant, in so far he is not from God…. If the office of a tyrant … be contrary to a king’s office, it is not from God, and so neither is the power from God."

English philosopher John Locke also wrote regarding limited authority: "Wheresoever the authority ceases, the king ceases too, and becomes like other men who have no authority."

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