Monday, February 17, 2014

So now what?

We Win!

OK! We know the government of the USA is being subverted before our eyes. We know the schools are subverted, teaching the world planners/servers interests, and not national sovereignty interests. We have been informed that the Roman Catholic church is behind MUCH of the darkness and is often the "man behind the curtain". Most main line media is controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations, our nation sovereignty is a joke, our constitution has been shredded, and is in fact in danger of being scrapped for a "more up to date version" in reflecting more current social drift. !?!?

Is any of this surprising to you? Is anything actually coming to pass that we weren't looking for to come to pass? We are frustrated that it's happening now, to us, and not some future generation. But here we are. So now what? So now we keep on believing that all things work together for the good to those that love Jesus.

Now many advocate joining groups of militia-minded "patriots" willing to kill US citizens who would infringe upon their "rights" as US citizens and Christian believers...but true Christianity rebukes militia-mindedness! Jesus said "if my kingdom were of this age, then my people would fight" indicating we are NOT to physically destroy the wicked.  You'll get that from the New World Servers Christian sheepfold soon enough. Those that think they serve "Christ" by killing bible believers unwilling to compromise for P.E.A.C.E.

John the baptist (baptizer, not a member of the protestant denomination) told the Roman soldier when asked what he was supposed to do...being a Roman violence to no man!
The weapons of our warfare are not carnal (physical), but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds, bringing every thought into captivity unto the obedience of Christ. On our knees we are taller than trees!

We war NOT against flesh and blood, but against powers, and principalities, spiritual wickedness in high places! If we were to physically attack those who plan our demise, then I would advocate bombing the next Bilderberger meeting, but that would be devilishly wrong. God used war in the Old Testament as a physical means of expressing spiritual realities, but teaches us in the New Testament that all of the Old Testament was given to lead us to Christ! Now we have the examples of both walking in righteousness, and unrighteousness with the rewards of each!

Submission to the will of God (Jesus) will bring us personal peace even in the midst of tribulation until the Kingdom of God is physically set up on Earth. The Kingdom of God currently is a Spiritual Kingdom we abide in, and are ambassadors of. After Jesus returns, the physical Kingdom will be established, and Jesus will rule the nations with a rod of iron.

Don't forget who you really serve, and his power to save, protect, or resurrect. You may be required to surrender your life before Jesus returns. Here is a question I posed often at church: when Stephen was martyred, was he overcome by the world, or did he overcome evil with good? Stephen was the first martyr of the church and gloriously overcame the world! He only died in the flesh but will resurrect in incomprehensible victory!

We win! As long as you stay true to Jesus, and his word, you can't lose! You may endure hardship; you may endure suffering. You may not! You probably will. Settle it in your heart before faced with it. All the apostles were martyred except John, and they attempted to kill him too. Do you think you are above the apostles? Are you above Jesus. Remember he said if they hated him they will hate us too. Paul wrote ...that I might know him in the power of the resurrection and in the fellowship of his suffering. Read about the persecuted church in China, and Muslim countries. Pastors of house churches are having their tongues cut out, and are being nailed to the walls of the homes they meet in while the church watches. Do you believe they will lose their reward? I don't. Just because it isn't happening here yet doesn't mean that it isn't slated for us. We still win!

God Bless, and don't worry, turn all your fears over to him. He'll never let you down. You may not understand why all that transpires, comes to you...but remember Job. Nothing the devil did to Job happened without being screened first by God. And God knew ultimately that Job would end up doubly blessed for all of it. God double bless.

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