Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How Will They Bring About a One World Religion?

“Christians ordered to teach Wiccan, pagan rites
Court to rule on government's decision to control religion classes
A dispute over whether government can require Catholic schools to teach Wiccan and pagan rites as equal to the Ten Commandments and the resurrection of Jesus is heading to Canada’s highest court.
“Faith-based educational institutions should be free to live and operate according to the faith they teach and espouse,” said Gerald Chipeur, Q.C., of the Canadian firm Miller Thompson LLP.
“If the government can force Loyola High School to violate its faith, then the government can do the same to others,” said Chipeur, a  lawyer affiliated with the Alliance Defending Freedom.
The battle is over a government program adopted in Quebec in 2008 called “Ethics and Religious Culture” that is mandatory for all public and private schools. It presents all religions, from Christianity to Wiccan, “as equally valid” and requires schools to teach the beliefs in that fashion.
It also bans teachers, including those at private, denominational or church schools, from expressing their opinion that their own school’s faith is preferred.”

Biblical Christianity writes:
The problem for the Roman Catholic organization will be that their Pope already proclaimed the same doctrine at Vatican III.
When the Catholics lose their defense, as apparently planned by the Pope coming out before hand to undermine the stance, all other Christian and cult faiths will be on the same footing.  It seems like that was the plan all along.  This is how the world government will bring about the official one world religion.

We are in the last days before Jesus returns.  Don’t fret, and don’t despair.  Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh!

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