Monday, December 17, 2007

Rape in the Green Zone-Halliburton Guilty

A few posts earlier I wrote...
Have you read where State Dept. employees had been reluctant to rotate through Iraq? The State Dept. was going to force its employees into mandatory posting in Iraq. I can't imagine why. They now have enough volunteers. The new MRAP described in the posting below might be one reason they can now get volunteers. They are probably going to be more directed toward the safety of the State Dept. than for the current military on the ground. They haven't been all that concerned until now for our boys in peril. But to lessen the qualms of its State Dept. employees, safety must be a priority. The embassy will be self sustaining, independent of the need for Iraqi support of resources (water, electric, waste disposal, etc.)With the government, it is MOSTLY smoke and mirrors. Get everyone to look at the right hand while the left hand is busy doing something devious. It is called magic(k).

Now I may have to reassess my thoughts. At least now we can see why female State Dept. workers are reluctant to rotate through, or maybe why males are becoming less reluctant. Seems females are open season to the males, who may be protected from prosecution for RAPE, even against US CITIZENS!

Watch the video at the site about how Jamie Leigh Jones was gang raped and intimidated by Halliburton employees, kept in a storage container for days, as a US Civilian Employee living in the Green Zone! She apparently isn't the only victim. This is an OUTRAGE! Cheney must demand immediate retribution from his former employer!
The Jamie Leigh Foundation

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