Monday, December 3, 2007

Poll: More Americans Believe in Devil than Darwin |

According to a new Harris poll:
Poll: More Americans Believe in Devil than Darwin

I never appreciate it when "Born-Again" is listed as separate from "Evangelicals" or even "Protestants", because I, on occasion may call myself any of these. I also call myself fundamentalist, and Apostolic. I am called by others, "backslider", bible thumper, or Jesus freak. Pigeon-holing folks may make some feel superior, but shows an inferior attitude. Smug intellectualism is possible on at least two sides of most issues. Refusing to honestly look into the opposing sides arguement traps people in error. Many Creationists are ex-Darwinists, for a reason. Many Ph.D.'s have become creationists because of in-depth study and honest intellectual pursuit. For proof go here 17 pages of Ph.D.'s who dissent from Darwinism. Think they are all intellectually inferior? Check out there job titles, and places of employment, then smugly tell yourself that you are smarter than they are.

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