Sunday, May 25, 2008

From the Catholic News Agency

Pope tells young people to trust in Mary

Pope Benedict XVIGenoa, May 18, 2008 / 12:29 pm (CNA).- At a meeting with young people in the northern Italian city of Savona, Pope Benedict XVI recited the Angelus prayer with the young people and invited them to trust in Mary. He recalled the words the Virgin Mary spoke to shepherd Benedict Pareto in the year 1400 urging him to build a shrine on Mount Figogna, the place where she appeared.

Benedict Pareto, according to tradition, was worried because he did not know how to respond to Mary’s invitation to build a church in a place so remote from the city. The Pope repeated the Virgin Mary’s words: “trust in me! With me in your midst you will not fail. With my help everything will be easy. Only keep your will firm. Trust in me!”

“This, Mary repeats to us today,” Pope Benedict said. “An ancient prayer, very dear in popular tradition, makes us turn in confidence to You with these confident words, that today we make our own: ‘Remember, O Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to your protection, sought your help or implored your intercession was left abandoned.’

“It is with this certainty that we invoke the motherly care of Our Lady of the Guard on your diocesan community, its pastors, consecrated persons, the lay faithful: young people, families, the elderly. To Mary we entrust the entire city, with its diverse population, its cultural, social and economic problems and challenges of our times, and commitment of those who cooperate for the common good.”

Turning to the unique heritage of the region the Pope said, "Together with you, I thank God for the strong and tenacious faith of past generations that, during the centuries have written memorable pages of holiness and human civilization. Liguria and Genoa in particular, has always been a land open to the Mediterranean and the whole world: how many missionaries departed from this port for the Americas and other distant lands!"

My Dear Christian friends,
Some of you think I am "over the top" in my views about Roman Catholicism. Any person agreeing with these comments this pope is making is lost and destined for an eterity in hell. Mariology is a central theme in the RCC and nobody holding to this doctrine can be saved. Pope John Paul II, darling of the Protesant church, was a major Mariologist. John Paul II can never be in heaven. Mother Theresa will not be in heaven. I don't say these thing out or hate, but out of love for the truth. Stop accomadating their errors if you want them saved. Tell them the truth. Simple belief in the Christmas story and the Easter story is NOT a salvation event! Adhering to the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church cannot save you. You shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall make you free. Do you love a Catholic? Try to get them to read Alexander Hislop's "The Two Babylons" and Charles Chiniquy's "Fifty Years in the Church of Rome" Sincere folks in the Roman Catholic Church who claim to love Jesus, love the Jesus of the Catholic church. The Jesus of the Catholic church is Tammuz disguised as the Lord, just as the Mary of the Catholic church is Semiramis in disguise. The Bishops and Cardinals and Pope all know the bible is the enemy of the Roman Catholic church. The bible is the only yardstick for truth, and is in direct opposition to the tenets of the Roman church.

Sincerely wrong is still wrong. The Greeks who worshipped their false god's were sincere. The Roman god's were worshipped in sincerity. Witches and pagans of all stripes are sincere. The TRUTH shall make you free. Using Christian terminology for pagan worship doesn't make it Christian. It makes it even more devilish. The Roman Catholic church has never been a Christian church. Do the research and love the truth. The TRUTH shall make you free.


  1. Don't worry dude, it's all made up. All religion is myth and none of us knows the unknowable. All we can do is try to live our lives the best and most moral way we can.

  2. Actually, God IS knowable, because He chooses to be. He gave us His word. Study the bible and you will be exposed to the TRUTH, who is Jesus. Many have come to know Him beyond a shadow of doubt. I used to believe like you that religion is man made and unbelievable. Religion, for the most part IS man made, but the faith we can have in a real God who wants to reveal Himself to us is more real to us that have made that connection, than the food we eat.


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