Friday, June 13, 2008

George W Bush meets Pope amid claims he might convert to Catholicism

OK, I may as well say it. I knew it all along. Tony Blair, Jeb Bush, now GW! Georgie Boy is coming out of his Catholic closet. How long until all those concentration camps are filled with protestants? Rex 84 is a Roman Catholic dream coming true. Anybody out there paying attention? Stay close to Jesus, cause it's gonna get ugly real soon. Click on the link.

Check out this link I posted April 23, 2008. At the time of it's posting I commented that I hadn't had much experience with that site, but it rang true with other stuff I had already verified. Seems the post has been verified at this link as well. Kinda gives the original site some weight. Cut and paste this into your browser for the original list.

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