Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Copeland a 33rd Degree Mason? Newsletter January 1999

Word of Faith Charismatics have always seemed weird to me-a Spirit filled- tongue talkin', holy rollin' guy who loves the TRUTH, Jesus, & Spiritual reality. There is more than one spirit.

Years ago I read Oral Robert's book "Seed Faith" and fell into a spiritual battle that I couldn't understand. This was AFTER I had been filled with the Holy Ghost. I would read for a while then almost get physically sick. I was pretty young in the Holy Ghost and didn't understand what was going on. Later I came to realize that the spirit behind this doctrine was NOT the Holy Spirit.

I felt condemnation at feeling discord between my spirit and the spirit in Oral Roberts and figured at first that I was wrong and ignorant. I no longer feel any kind of condemnation for being in discord with the strange goings on in the Charismatic movement, because much of the charismatic movement is following a wrong spirit. Entire web sites are set up to expose the weirdness of Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland- barking and mooing "in the Spirit" acting like falling down drunks- demonstrating the most bizzare behavior supposedly under the annointing of the Holy Spirit.

I have witnessed some things I didn't understand lead by the true Spirit of God, but nothing that made a fool out of the people of God or of God-Jesus!

It is needful to know that we shouldn't feel lacking just because some preacher tells us we aren't far enough evolved in the "Spiritual Realm". Satan's sharpest tool may be the spear of condemnation- and he may be using charismatic 33rd degree Masons to deliver the blow. Please consider the information found at this link.
Copeland a 33rd Degree Mason? Newsletter January 1999


  1. i see your gandering thru my blog... and yes i'm aware of Mike's "fall" and also, how the church didn't do all that merciful of a job of restoration.
    He's doing some ministry now, restoration type and healing. might want to check out what he's doing. - no matter what, he still had a gift for laughter and what i posted was one of those times. seems you have a bit of time on your hands, - might want to perhaps get to know him and see what God has done since the proverbial fall.

  2. John 17:3 said,"...their taking in knowledge of you, the only one true God, and of the one whom you sent forth, Jesus Christ." JEHOVAH [YHWH,The New English Bible, Today's English Version & Revised Standard Versions (Exodus 3:15; 6:3), King James Version (Psalm 83:18), American Standard Version (Genesis 2:4), and footnote of Exodus 3:14 in Duay Version, The Holy Bible, &The New American Bible, and always mentioned Yahweh in The Jerusalem Bible, New World Translation, An American Translation (Exodus 3:15), The Bible in living English, The 'Holy Sciptures' (Mattew 1:20), The Emphatic Diaglott (Mattew 21:9), The Holy Scriptures According to the Masoretic Text-A new Translation (Exodus 6:3), The Holy Bible for the name Jehovah] the name of GOD the Father and Jesus the name of God's son. "Christ Jesus...was existing in God's form" and the Father commanded "in the name of Jesus every knee should bend," but all of these things occurred "to the glory of God the Father."(Philippians 2:5-11) Never did Jesus dethrone his Father. (Luke 4:8)

  3. For understanding about Jesus never dethroning His Father- please see the power point presentation "Integrity OF to the Word,and TO the Word"


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