Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Error of Protestantism

I have been reluctant to post this teaching for fear of being ostracized by my close associates, but fear NOT telling the truth more than losing whatever associations I enjoy among men.

When Martin Luther and other reformers were leaving the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) they were undoubtedly brave, God-Called giants of their day. The history of their deeds is testament of God's grace and intervention in men's lives! It is also a testament of the errors of men. The original plan of salvation was recorded in Acts 2:38, and repeated in Acts 8, 10, and 19! It is abundantly apparent that the Gospel message used to convert the world was "Repentance, baptism by immersion in the Name of Jesus for the remission of sin, and the receiving of the Gift of the Holy Ghost, evidenced by Speaking in other Tongues."

The RCC changed much doctrine! When the reformers left the RCC, they unwittingly took RCC doctrine with them. Today, honest men of God. and Jesuit infiltrators demand obedience to the RCC's error in doctrine. Protestants today label God honoring Christians who baptize as the original church did, in Jesus name, as heretics!

The "Mother of Harlots" carries that name for a reason! To claim the privileges of the bride without benefit of having the husbands name ( taken in baptism) makes one a harlot! A simple reading of the scripture without having someone explain the truth out of it for you reveals a simple truth! The entire New Testament Church was baptized by immersion in the name of Jesus Christ, the Lord, for the remission of sins! See the Power Point Presentation on "Baptism-Water and Spirit" for further documentation of Historical FACT! The time is coming very shortly where we will be deemed Catholic by doctrine or rebels by our resistanse to RCC doctrine. Many Protestant leaders have been duped by Jesuit infiltrators in to believing RCC doctrines, and many protestant leaders I fear, are in fact RCC priests who only exist to dupe ignorant Christians into error!

Spend some time familiarizing yourself with "Vatican Assassins" available for your reading at the links to the left.

Above all else, spend time in the Word of God- the King James Version of the Holy Bible! Everything tainted by Wescott and Hort should be ignored...avoided! Many of the newer versions are stained by Wescott and Hort- avowed "channelers" of spirits! Possessed by demons! Scoff at those dedicated to KJV at your own peril. The enemy is very good at what he does! He has duped many brighter and more educated than you! Higher education these days often means more diligently indoctrinated in error.

Alright, I'm starting to sound like a fruitcake even to myself! But...I really believe all that I have just posted, and fear that most protestants are too ignorant of TRUTH to recognize error when presented to them! "Study to show theyself a workman unto God..."

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