Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fake Kenneth Copeland

Found via "Sphere:Related Content" Didn't want anyone to miss this so I posted direct. This guy is hilarious. Don't know anything about his beliefs other than what is posted in his short career. far SO GOOD!


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  2. Hi Fred. Thanks for posting a link to our site. Believe me when I say that Fake Kenneth Copeland is sound theologically and considers it his mission to expose those who would pervert the faith. We are devoted Christians who are just sick to our stomach about what passes for Christianity. Again, thanks for the link. Blessings brother.

  3. I don't think Grassley knew what he was starting when he chose "his 6" Word of Faith ministries to "investigate." We have seen more and more media attention brought to these groups since - including things like this "fake kenneth copeland." I am not a follower of any of these men or their teachings, but Copeland does have a valid argument for his defense. It's time Grassley admit the error of his ways in handling this situation, and give it up.

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Anyone have any thoughts about this?


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