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Roman Catholic Intolerance and Bigotry

By Darryl Eberhart, Editor of “Examining the Tough Issues (ETI)” and

“Tackling the Tough Topics (TTT)”

DATE: October 28, 2007 (Updated: March 29, 2008)

I. DEFINITIONS (Please read the following definitions before reading the rest of this article.):

“Anathema” (Per “Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language”; meaning #1): “Excommunication with curses. Hence, a curse or denunciation by ecclesiastical authority, accompanying excommunication…”

“Anathema” (Per “Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition”; 2006): “1. A thing or person accursed or damned. 2. A thing or person greatly detested. 3. a.) A solemn ecclesiastical condemnation of a teaching judged to be gravely opposed to accepted church doctrine, or of the originators or supporters of such a teaching. b.) The excommunication often accompanying or following this condemnation.”

Ed. Comment to the preceding two definitions: Many “anathemas” were hurled at the doctrines of Protestantism at the Council of Trent (1545-1563), and these same “anathemas” were reconfirmed by the Vatican II Council (1962-1965). Dave Hunt, on page 521 of his book, “A Woman Rides the Beast” (1994), tells us: “Anathema [is] excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church pronounced upon heretics or gross sinners. The consequence [Ed.: according to the Roman Catholic Church] is eternal damnation unless the one anathematized repents and returns to the [Ed.: Roman Catholic] Church. The Council of Trent pronounced the anathema more than 100 times upon those who accepted the beliefs of the Reformers; [the] Vatican II [Council] reconfirmed those anathemas, and added one of its own; and thus Roman Catholicism damns to eternal hell ALL evangelical Christians today…” So, despite Papal Rome’s sweet ecumenical talk about “separated brethren”, her own councils have condemned independent, Bible-believing Christians and Protestants as anathematized “heretics”!

“Bigot” (Per “Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language”): “A person who is obstinately and unreasonably wedded to a particular religious creed, opinion, practice or ritual…”

“Bigotry” (Per “Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language”): “[1.] Obstinate or blind attachment to a particular creed, or to certain tenets; unreasonable zeal or warmth in favor of a party, sect or opinion; excessive prejudice. 2. The practice or tenet of a bigot.”

“Crime Against Humanity” (Per “Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition”; 2006): “A mass killing or other atrocity committed in furtherance of a program of genocide.”

Ed. Comment to the preceding definition: It would be hard to find any organization calling itself a “religion” that has committed more gross and massive “crimes against humanity” than the Roman Catholic Church. Papal Rome’s record of persecution, torture, and mass murder of Jews, Moslems, independent Bible-believing Christian groups, Protestants, and Orthodox Christians has been well documented throughout the centuries. If you doubt this, then please read the newsletter, “Bloody Hands & Wicked Hearts”, on website

“Excommunicate” (Per “Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition”; 2006): “[Transitive verb]: To exclude, by an act of ecclesiastical authority, from the sacraments, rights, and privileges of a church; censure by cutting off from communion with a church.”

Ed. Comments to the preceding definition:

(1) The Roman Catholic Church has been notorious throughout history for “excommunicating” many individuals, including some devout Roman Catholics, who had opposed her unscriptural doctrines and/or corrupt practices – and then compelling State authorities to execute the excommunicated individuals. An excellent example of such papal injustice was the excommunication (in 1497) and execution (in 1498) of the godly Dominican Girolamo Savonarola [1452-1498], who had led a revival in Florence, Italy. His “crime”: Savonarola had exposed the corrupt, immoral papal court of Pope Alexander VI [pope: 1492-1503].

(2) For many Roman Catholics, the threat of “excommunication” is intimidating, because if they die while under a sentence of “excommunication”, then they (according to Roman Catholic Church doctrine) can never get to heaven.

“Extirpate” (Per “Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language”): “1. To pull or pluck up by the roots; to root out; to eradicate; to destroy totally; as, to ‘extirpate’ weeds or noxious plants from a field. 2. To eradicate; to root out; to destroy wholly; as, to ‘extirpate’ error or heresy; to ‘extirpate’ a sect.”

Ed. Comment to the preceding definition: The Roman Catholic Church “EXTIRPATED” the Bible-believing Albigensian Christians – men, women, and children – in southern France by launching “crusades” (i.e., large military expeditions) against these innocent Christians from 1208 through 1226 A.D. The Roman Catholic “crusaders” put town after town “to the sword” with a cruelty seldom matched by the most barbaric, pagan societies!

“Hate Crime” (Per “Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition”; 2006): “A crime, especially against a person, that is motivated by hatred of the victim’s race, ethnicity, religion, or gender.”

“Hate Crimes Legislation” (Per Darryl Eberhart, Editor of ETI & TTT): “Laws whose purported goals are to protect various ethnic groups, races, religions, or individuals of a particular gender (or sexual preference) from crimes motivated by hatred of the victim’s ethnic group, race, religion, or gender (or sexual preference). I believe, however, that the long-range goal of such laws is to stifle free speech, especially the free speech of Bible-believing Christians. These laws will be ‘advertised’ as ‘protection from hate crimes’ for various ethnic and racial groups, etc.; however, the real objective will be to prevent at some future date any criticism of the most powerful geopolitical-financial-religious institution in the world (i.e., the ‘Vatican-Papacy-Jesuit-Knights of Malta cabal’), and also to prevent any criticism of Roman Catholic doctrines and practices.”

“Heretic” (Per Darryl Eberhart, Editor of ETI & TTT): “As concerns historical ROMAN CATHOLIC use of this term: A ‘label’ frequently applied by the Papacy to those who dared in the past to question either (1) papal authority, or (2) any of the unscriptural doctrines and practices based solely upon ‘tradition’ that have been promulgated by the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, such as ‘transubstantiation’, ‘indulgences’, ‘purgatory’, ‘Mass cards and prayers for the dead’, ‘papal infallibility’, ‘worship of images’, ‘mandatory celibacy for priests and nuns’, ‘auricular confession to an authorized priest’, ‘apostolic succession’, and various aspects of Papal Rome’s ‘Mariolatry’.”

“Inquisition” (Per “Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language”; meaning #4): “In some [Roman] Catholic countries, a court or tribunal established for the examination and punishment of ‘heretics’. This court was established in the 12th century by ‘father’ Dominic, who was charged by Pope Innocent III with orders to excite [Roman] Catholic princes [Ed.: i.e., rulers] and people to extirpate [Ed.: i.e., destroy completely] ‘heretics’.”

“Inquisition” (Per “Lord” Acton, an English historian and a Roman Catholic): “The Inquisition is peculiarly the weapon and peculiarly the work of the popes. It stands out from all those things in which they cooperated, followed or assented as the distinctive feature of Papal Rome. It was set up, renewed, and perfected by a long series of acts emanating from the supreme authority of the [Roman Catholic] Church. No other institution, no doctrine, no teaching, no ceremony is so distinctly the individual creation of the papacy, except the dispensing power [Ed.: i.e., the Papacy’s power to administer the Inquisition]. It is the principal thing with which the papacy is identified, and by which it must be judged. The principle of the Inquisition is the pope’s sovereign power over life and death. Whoever disobeys him [Ed.: i.e., the pope] should be tried, and tortured, and burnt. If that cannot be done, [then] formalities may be dispensed with, and the culprit may be killed like an outlaw. That is to say, the principle of the Inquisition is murderous, and a man’s opinion of the papacy is regulated and determined by his opinion of religious assassination.”

Ed. Comments to the preceding two definitions:

(1) The “Inquisition” was Papal Rome’s way of handling those who dared to challenge either her false doctrines (which contradict the Holy Bible), or her falsely claimed authority to RULE OVER all sovereigns and OVER all peoples. Many innocent Roman Catholics themselves fell victim to the Inquisition, as well as Jews, Moslems, and thousands upon thousands of Bible-believing Christians. The “official” Inquisition lasted 605 years, from 1203 to 1808 A.D. However, the office of Inquisition CONTINUES to exist to this very day, albeit under the much more benign-sounding name of the “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith”.

(2) If you have any doubts at all about how HORRIBLE the torture and brutality of the Papal Inquisition was, then I most highly recommend that you get a copy of the 58-minute color DVD entitled “The Inquisition”. It is only $6 postage paid. You can order a copy by making your check or money order in that amount payable to “Richard Bennett”, and mailing it to: Richard Bennett // P.O. Box 192 // Del Valle, TX 78617-0192. (Their website is

“Intolerance” (Per “Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language”): “Want [Ed.: i.e., lack] of toleration; the not enduring at all or not suffering [Ed.: i.e., permitting] to exist without persecution; as the ‘intolerance’ of a prince [Ed.: i.e., ruler] or a CHURCH towards a religious sect.”

“Mass Murder” (Per Darryl Eberhart, Editor of ETI & TTT): “The indiscriminate killing of any person or group of people by either a government, or by a RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION – or, by a government AND a RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION working hand-in-hand together to ELIMINATE their perceived enemies. No religious institution in the history of the world has worked more closely with more governments to ELIMINATE her perceived enemies than has the Roman Catholic Church. A perfect example of this cooperation of ‘Church and State’ is the infamous and barbaric papal Inquisition.”

“Torture” [noun] (Per “Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition”; 2006; first four meanings): “1. The inflicting of severe pain to force information or confession, get revenge, etc. 2. Any method by which such pain is inflicted. 3. Any severe physical or mental pain; agony; anguish. 4. A cause of such pain or agony.”

Ed. Comment to the preceding definition: Papal Rome’s “Office of Inquisition” took “torture” to a whole new level, sometimes bringing in medical doctors to temporarily “repair” the damaged limbs, etc., of the poor victims of torture so that they would not die while under torture – and so that the torture could then be prolonged! (Torture would be resumed after a short period of recovery.)

“Vatican-Papacy-Jesuit-Knights of Malta Cabal” (Per Darryl Eberhart, Editor of ETI & TTT): “The Vatican-Papacy-Jesuit-Knights of Malta cabal is the most powerful geopolitical-financial-religious institution in the world. It is governed by the JESUIT-controlled hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. This institution includes (1) the Vatican-Papacy, (2) the Jesuit Order, (3) the JESUIT-controlled Knights of Malta religious-military order, (4) other religious and religious-military orders (such as the Knights of Columbus), (5) Jesuit ‘temporal coadjutors’, (6) the ‘Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’ (i.e., the Inquisition), (7) the highest levels of Freemasonry (which are controlled by the Superior General of the Jesuit Order), (8) the Vatican Bank, (9) the numerous financial, corporate, real estate, and stock holdings of Papal Rome, and (10) a large priesthood with a tremendous intelligence-gathering mechanism called the ‘confessional’. This cabal is by far the biggest and most powerful ‘player’ on the New World Order ‘chessboard’, and it is the biggest promoter of one-world government and one-world religion – both of which are to be under the authority of the JESUIT-controlled Papacy! This cabal has a long ‘track record’ of torture and genocide; and it is infamous for (1) fomenting bloody revolutions and wars (to include two world wars); (2) assassinating heads of State; and, (3) subverting nations. It HATES religious liberty, freedom of speech and press, and ‘popular, representative government’; and it LOVES Fascism and ecclesiastical tyranny. This cabal HATES the American Constitutional Republic, and made plans for its DESTRUCTION in three meetings in the 19th century (at Vienna, Austria in 1814-15; at Verona, Italy in 1822; and at Chieri, Italy in 1825).”

“Vatican’s Holocaust, The” (Per Darryl Eberhart, Editor of ETI & TTT): “This brutal religious genocide primarily targeted innocent Serb Orthodox Christians in the Roman Catholic fascist State of Croatia during World War II. It was vigorously carried out by Roman Catholic Ustashi military units frequently led by Franciscan priests, monks, and friars. These Franciscan clerics participated in the most barbaric torture of Serb Orthodox Christians. This monstrous and barbaric ‘crime against humanity’ was planned and choreographed by two Jesuit prelates – Monsignor Ivan Saric and Monsignor Aloysius Stepinac (respectively the Archbishops of Sarajevo and Zagreb), and had the full backing of Papal Rome. From 600,000 to one million innocent Serb Orthodox Christian men, women, and children were slaughtered, with many of the victims being first brutally tortured. (The latter figure of one million is the more realistic figure.)”

“Vicar of Christ” (Per Darryl Eberhart, Editor of ETI & TTT): “Just one of many titles assumed by the popes of Rome. The pope of Rome is ‘claiming’, by the use of this title, to act IN THE PLACE OF Jesus Christ on planet Earth. ‘Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language’ states the following concerning the word ‘VICAR’: ‘The pope PRETENDS to be vicar of Jesus Christ on earth. He has under him a grand vicar, who is a cardinal, and whose jurisdiction extends over all priests, regular and secular’.”


When Roman Catholicism is in the minority in a given country, it pleads for “tolerance”. However, when Roman Catholicism attains a majority in any country, or attains sufficient power or influence within that country, it then “demands” to be made the “official State religion” (to the exclusion of all others). It is then that Roman Catholicism becomes very “intolerant” of other religions – and especially “intolerant” of other denominations that call themselves “Christian” – and most especially “intolerant” of independent, Bible-believing Christian groups! History – and especially European history – has recorded numerous examples of Papal Rome’s insistence on being the only recognized “State religion”!


A. These quotes made by Roman Catholics in this subsection (i.e., “III. A.”) have been taken from chapter 18 of Loraine Boettner’s 466-page book, “Roman Catholicism”, which was published in 1962:

“Heretics may be not only excommunicated, but also JUSTLY PUT TO DEATH.” – “Catholic Encyclopedia”, Vol. XIV, Page 768

“The [Ed.: Roman] Catholic Church has the RIGHT and DUTY to KILL heretics because it is by fire and sword that heresy can be extirpated. …The only recourse is to PUT them to DEATH.” – Jesuit Dr. Marianus de Luca (Professor of Canon Law at the Georgian University in Rome; 1901)

“Protestantism of every form has NOT, and NEVER can have, any rights where Catholicity [Ed.: i.e., Roman Catholicism] is triumphant.” – “Bronson’s Review”

“Non-Catholic methods of worshipping God must be branded COUNTERFEIT.” – “Living Our Faith”, by Flynn, Loretto, and Simon; a widely used high school textbook; Page 247)

“In themselves all forms of Protestantism are UNJUSTIFIED. They should NOT exist.” – “America”, January 4, 1941

“We declare it to be altogether NECESSARY TO SALVATION that every human creature should be subject to the Roman Pontiff.” – Pope Boniface VIII

“Into this fold of Jesus Christ NO ONE can enter if not under the guidance of the Sovereign Pontiff [Ed.: of Papal Rome]; and men can securely reach salvation ONLY when they are united with him, since the Roman Pontiff is the Vicar of Christ and represents His person on this earth.” – Pope John XXIII

“The true Church can tolerate NO strange churches besides herself.” – “Catholic Encyclopedia”, Vol. XIV, Page 786 [Ed. Note: The Roman Catholic Church considers herself to be the ONLY “true” Christian Church.]

“We believe that the rulers of a [Ed.: Roman] Catholic country have the RIGHT to RESTRICT the activity of those who would lead their people away from their allegiance to the [Ed.: Roman] Catholic Church. …They possess the RIGHT to PREVENT propaganda against the [Ed.: Roman] Catholic Church.” – Monsignor Francis J. Connell; American Roman Catholic theologian (“American Ecclesiastical Review”, January 1946)

“The [Ed.: Roman] Catholic Church is the ONLY organization authorized by God to teach religious truth and to conduct public religious worship. Consequently, they [Ed.: i.e., Roman Catholics] hold that any creed which differs from that of the [Ed.: Roman] Catholic Church is ERRONEOUS, and that any religious organization which is separated from the [Ed.: Roman] Catholic Church LACKS the approval and authorization of God. The very EXISTENCE of any other church is opposed to the command of Christ, that all men should join His one church. From this it follows that, as far as God’s law is concerned, NO ONE has a real RIGHT to accept any religion SAVE [Ed.: i.e., except] the [Ed.: Roman] Catholic Church.” – Monsignor Francis J. Connell (American Roman Catholic theologian; “Freedom of Worship, the Catholic Position”, a Roman Catholic pamphlet)

“The Roman Catholic Church, convinced through its divine prerogatives, of being the ONLY true church, must demand the right of freedom for herself ALONE, because such a right can only be possessed by truth, never by error. As for other religions, the [Ed.: Roman Catholic] Church will never draw the sword, but she will require that by legitimate means they shall NOT be allowed to propagate false doctrine. Consequently, in a state where the majority of people are [Ed.: Roman] Catholic, the [Ed.: Roman Catholic] Church will require that legal existence be denied to error, and that if religious minorities actually exist, they shall have only a ‘de facto’ existence WITHOUT opportunity to spread their beliefs… In some countries [Ed.: i.e., where Roman Catholics are in the minority], [Ed.: Roman] Catholics will be obliged to ask full religious freedom for all, RESIGNED at being FORCED to cohabit where they ALONE should rightfully be allowed to live.” – “Civilta Cattolica”, April 1948; official Jesuit organ; Rome

Ed. Comments to the preceding quotation:

(1) Even a cursory study of “Church history” will reveal that the Roman Catholic Church is neither the “one true Church” nor the “oldest Church”. For example, Jerusalem had a “church” BEFORE Rome did. Many Bible-believing Christians have existed OUTSIDE the “established” (State-sanctioned) Roman Catholic Church throughout history – not having any affiliation with Papal Rome!

(2) For “Civilta Cattolica” to say in 1948 that the Roman Catholic “Church will never draw the sword” against “other religions” represents the height of insolence and impudence. And why would I say that? It is because from 1941 through 1945 the Roman Catholic Church and its partner (the Roman Catholic Fascist State of Croatia) carried out a brutal religious genocide against the Orthodox Christian religion. Yes, two Roman Catholic Jesuit prelates (Aloysius Stepinac, Archbishop of Zagreb and Ivan Saric, Archbishop of Sarajevo) planned and choreographed a barbaric religious genocide that especially targeted innocent Serb Orthodox Christians – men, women, and children. This genocide included “forced conversions”, the most brutal forms of torture, and the most inhumane ways of putting people to death (such a burying people alive, flaying people alive, and burning people alive). Some Orthodox priests were crucified to wooden doors; and little children were impaled alive on stakes to suffer a slow, agonizing death. The Roman Catholic “Ustashi” military units were frequently led by Franciscan priests, monks, and friars, who participated in the worst instances of torture visited upon the innocent Serb Orthodox Christians. Up to ONE MILLION innocents perished in this “Vatican Holocaust” in Croatia in the early 1940s!

(3) Please notice the statement that the Roman Catholic Church will “ask” the State to create laws prohibiting the propagation of “false doctrines” and the spreading of other religions’ beliefs! Of course, once Roman Catholicism becomes the dominant religion in a particular State, it no longer “asks”, but rather “demands” that only Roman Catholicism be allowed to propagate its beliefs to the exclusion of all other religions! Whenever Roman Catholicism and any State COMBINE, persecution by “Church and State” of all other religions generally follows within a short period of time. Many peoples have learned this lesson the “hard way”. Here are some examples of those who suffered persecution, torture, and mass murder in countries where Roman Catholicism and the State cooperated in genocide against targeted groups: the Bible-believing Albigensian Christians in southern France in the early 13th century; Jews in Roman Catholic Europe in the 13th and 14th centuries; Jews, Moslems, and Bible-believing Christians in Spain in the 15th century (during the Spanish Inquisition); the Christian Hussites in Bohemia in the 15th century; the Bible-believing Waldensian Christians in southeastern France and northwestern Italy in the 16th century; the French Protestant Huguenots in France in the 16th and 17th centuries; the Jews in Roman Catholic-controlled Europe in the 20th century; and the Serb Orthodox Christians in Roman Catholic Fascist Croatia in the 20th century!

(4) Since the USA is being rapidly “Catholicized” (or, if you like, “Romanized”) by massive Roman Catholic immigration (much of which is illegal) coming from Mexico and other countries of Latin America, will non-Roman Catholic religious groups here soon face brutal persecution as occurred in Fascist Croatia in the early 1940s? Indeed, the Roman Catholic Church has been one of the biggest supporters of illegal immigration by Roman Catholics from Mexico and other parts of Latin America into the USA! (Please go to website, and read the article “Romanizing America Through Illegal Immigration”.)

“When you [Protestants] are in a majority we [Roman Catholics] ask for religious liberty in the name of your principles. When we [Roman Catholics] are in a majority we refuse it to you in the name of ours.” – Louis Veuillot (French Roman Catholic writer; statement made when speaking to a group of Protestants)

NOTE: You can obtain a copy of Loraine Boettner’s 466-page book, “Roman Catholicism”, for $15 postage paid. Please make check or money order in that amount payable to “The Conversion Center”, and mail it to: The Conversion Center // P.O. Box 265 // Carthage, NC 28327-0265.

B. Here are some more quotes made by Roman Catholics that were taken from sources other than Boettner’s book:

“NO man has a right to choose his religion. [Roman] CATHOLICISM is the most INTOLERANT of creeds. It is INTOLERANCE itself. We might as rationally maintain that two and two does not make four as the theory of Religious Liberty. Its impiety is only equaled by its absurdity.” – John Hughes (Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York; statement made in 1864)

“[Ed.: Papal] ROME must ALWAYS be the center of ALL Christianity and the POPE must be the head.” – Pope John Paul II [pope: 1978-2005]

[Question]: “Why do the texts of the Council and those of the Magisterium since the Council not use the title of ‘Church’ with regard to those Christian Communities born out of the Reformation of the sixteenth century?”

[Response]: “According to [Ed.: Roman] Catholic doctrine, these [Ed.: Christian] Communities [Ed.: born out of the Reformation] do NOT enjoy apostolic succession in the sacrament of Orders, and are, therefore, deprived of a constitutive element of the Church. These ecclesial Communities which, specifically because of the absence of the sacramental priesthood, have not preserved the genuine and integral substance of the Eucharistic Mystery CANNOT, according to Catholic doctrine, be called ‘Churches’ in the proper sense.” – “Responses to Some Questions Regarding Certain Aspects of the Doctrine on the Church” (A catechetical decree of the Roman Catholic Church which was released by Pope Benedict XVI on July 10, 2007)

Ed. Comments to the preceding quote:

(1) This quote was published in the August 2007 issue of “The Beacon” – a publication of Richard Bennett’s “Berean Beacon”.

(2) Statements like the above show Papal Rome’s “true colors”. Despite the sweet-sounding ecumenical words of the Vatican II era, Papal Rome has NEVER really regarded Bible-believing Christians and other Protestants as “separated brethren”. Rather, Papal Rome has always considered Protestants and other Bible-believing Christians to be “heretics” worthy of torture and death.

(3) A few years ago Pope Benedict XVI was known as Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger. Mr. Ratzinger (whose nickname as a German Roman Catholic cardinal was “Der Panzerkardinal”) was the long-time head of the “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith” (formerly known as the “Office of Inquisition”), serving multiple terms at the head of this infamous institution of torture and mass murder.

“The [Ed.: Holy] Bible is NOT for the people; whosoever will be saved must RENOUNCE it. It is a FORBIDDEN book. Bible societies are satanic contrivances.” – Pope Pius IV [pope: 1559-1565]

Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: Papal Rome for centuries “made war” on the Holy Bible and on those who possessed and distributed it. Why did I put this quote in this article? It is because the freedoms and the God-given Rights (that we Americans hold so dear) come from the teachings of the Holy Bible. And this is why the Roman Catholic Church, which hates religious liberty, fought for centuries with all her might to keep the Bible out of the common man’s hands!

“NO ONE may possess the books of the Old and New Testaments in the Romance language [Ed.: i.e., the family of languages derived from Vulgar Latin, such as French, Italian, Spanish, etc.], and if anyone possesses them he must turn them over to the local [Ed.: Roman Catholic] bishop within eight days after the promulgation of this decree, so that they may be BURNED.” – Council of Tarragona (Roman Catholic Church Council in 1234 A.D.)

Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: Burning books – isn’t that what the Nazis did in Germany in the 1930s?

“We PROHIBIT laymen possessing copies of the Old and New Testament.

…We FORBID them most severely to have the above books in the popular vernacular [Ed.: i.e., in their country’s native language – especially, the common, everyday language of a people].

The lords of the districts shall carefully SEEK OUT the ‘heretics’ in dwellings, hovels, and forests, and even their underground retreats shall be entirely WIPED OUT.” – “Concil Tolosanum” (Decree of the Roman Catholic Council of Toulouse in 1229 – Pope Gregory IX)

Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: For centuries the Papacy FORBADE the common people to read the Holy Bible – especially in their native language. The Papacy launched “crusades” against Bible-believing Christian peasants and farmers because they possessed and read Bibles. Roman Catholic “crusaders” tortured and murdered thousands upon thousands of these innocent Christians!

The [Ed.: Roman Catholic] church has persecuted. Only a tyro [Ed.: i.e., novice] in church history will deny that…one hundred and fifty years after [Ed.: Roman Emperor] Constantine, the Donatists were persecuted and sometimes PUT TO DEATH. …Protestants were persecuted in France and Spain with the full approval of the [Ed.: Roman Catholic] church authorities. …When she [Ed.: i.e., the Roman Catholic Church] thinks it good to use PHYSICAL FORCE, she WILL use it.” – “The Western Watchman” (Roman Catholic publication out of St. Louis) (Quote taken from “National Sunday Law” by A. Jan Marcussen)

“When confronted with ‘heresy’, she [Ed.: i.e., the Roman Catholic Church] does NOT content herself with persuasion; arguments of an intellectual and moral order appear to her insufficient, and she has recourse to FORCE, to CORPORAL PUNISHMENT, [and] to TORTURE.” – H.M.A. Baudrillart (Rector of the Catholic Institute of Paris)

Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: The Roman Catholic Church has never hesitated to use the most brutal FORCE to crush her “enemies” – either real or perceived. Torture, “holy” Inquisition, “holy” crusades, and religious genocide have frequently been used by Papal Rome throughout her bloody history!

“Stunned by the staggering growth of evangelical sects in Brazil, leaders of the Roman Catholic Church have threatened to launch ‘HOLY WAR’ against Protestants unless they stop leading people from the [Roman] Catholic fold. At the 31st National Conference of the [Roman Catholic] Bishops of Brazil, Bishop Bohn called evangelicals a serious threat to the VATICAN’S INFLUENCE in his country. ‘We [Ed.: i.e., the Roman Catholic Church] will declare a HOLY WAR [Ed.: against the evangelicals in Brazil]; don’t doubt it. The [Ed.: Roman] Catholic Church has a ponderous structure, but when we move we will SMASH anyone beneath us’.” – “Charisma” (May 1994 issue)

Ed. Comments to the preceding quote:

(1) While “Charisma” is NOT a Roman Catholic publication, the above statement from it DOES contain a direct quote by a Roman Catholic prelate.

(2) Does Papal Rome, with its new leader Benedict XVI (who served numerous terms as the head of the “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith” – i.e., the Office of Inquisition of older times), have a “holy Inquisition” planned for the near future? That really isn’t such a preposterous supposition. After all, Papal Rome conducted a full-blown religious genocide-Inquisition in the Roman Catholic Fascist State of Croatia in the early 1940s. Could Bible-believing Christians in the USA be in the “cross hairs” of a modern papal Inquisition once this country comes under full-blown martial law?

IV. ROMAN CATHOLIC HATRED OF LIBERTY (especially of religious liberty and freedom of conscience) AND OF “POPULAR, REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT” (in their own words)

A. Quotes made by Roman Catholics that were taken from chapter 18 of Loraine Boettner’s 466-page book, “Roman Catholicism”, which was published in 1962:

“Individual liberty in reality is only a deadly anarchy.” – Pope Pius XII [pope: 1939-1958]; April 6, 1951

“It is NOT lawful to demand, to defend, or to grant unconditional freedom of thought, or speech, or writing, or religion, as if these were so many rights given by nature to man.” – Pope Leo XIII (“Libertas”; 1903)

B. Here are some more quotes made by Roman Catholics that were taken from sources other than Boettner’s book:

“The unrestrained freedom of thinking and of openly making known one’s thoughts is NOT inherent in the rights of citizens and is by NO MEANS worthy of favor and support.” – Pope Gregory XVI [pope: 1831-1846]

“The absurd and erroneous doctrines or ravings in defense of liberty of conscience, are a MOST PESTILENTIAL ERROR – a PEST, of all others, most to be dreaded in a State.” – Pope Pius IX (pope: 1846-1878; Encyclical Letter; August 15, 1854)

“The State has NOT the right to leave every man free to embrace whatever religion he should deem true.

…The [Ed.: Roman Catholic] Church has the RIGHT to REQUIRE that the [Ed.: Roman] Catholic religion shall be the religion of the State, to the EXCLUSION of ALL OTHERS.

…CURSED be those who assert liberty of conscience and of worship and such that maintain that the [Ed.: Roman Catholic] Church may not employ FORCE.” – Pope Pius IX (pope: 1846-1878; “Syllabus Errorum” of December 1864)

“FASCISM is the regime that CORRESPONDS MOST CLOSELY to the concepts of the CHURCH OF ROME.” – “Civilta Cattolica” (official Jesuit organ)

Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: It is only fitting that “Civilta Cattolica” should make such a statement, since the Roman Catholic Church backed and supported the Fascist regimes in Europe during World War II. Papal Rome even provided one of its clergymen, Monsignor Tiso, to head up the Fascist regime in Slovakia. And it is fitting to include this quotation in this section, since Fascist regimes are NOT noted for the liberties that they grant to their citizens!

“The [Ed.: Roman Catholic] church seeks not virtue, but herself, her aim and her recruitment; her true concern is the constant swelling of her ranks, the strengthening of her power. Are you then surprised at her predilection for Germany, despite the latter’s crimes? The (R.C.) [Ed.: i.e., Roman Catholic] Church and Germany? But they are sisters. Both love themselves for themselves alone and are hypnotized by their own powers; both know perfect organization, discipline, hierarchy and CONTEMPT OF LIBERTY; both know how to justify their methods; both exercise dissimulation and hypocrisy. In short, they both are opposed to the Christian spirit.” – Rene Boylesve (Roman Catholic; member of Acadamie Francaise; written during the First World War)

“Our [Ed.: i.e., the Roman Catholic Church’s] ABSOLUTIST [Ed.: i.e., despotic, tyrannical] system, supported by the Inquisition, the strictest censorship, the suppression of all literature, the privileged exemption of the clergy, and arbitrary power of bishops, cannot endure any other than ABSOLUTIST [Ed.: i.e., despotic, tyrannical] governments…” – J.H. Ignaz von Dollinger (German Roman Catholic theologian and historian; “The Pope and the Council”; Page 23)

Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: Author Dave Hunt, on page 134 of his book, “A Woman Rides the Beast”, tells us: “As for J.H. Ignaz von Dollinger, one of the most eminent [Ed.: Roman] Catholic historians and theologians at the time, his reward for 47 years of teaching Roman Catholic theology and history was to be excommunicated. His crime had been to point out that the pope’s claim to infallibility lacked support either from Scripture or from Church tradition. Such was certainly the predominant view of [Ed.: Roman] Catholic historians and even of most bishops within the Church of Rome at that time. Von Dollinger’s monumental work ‘The Pope and the Council’, published just prior to Vatican I, was immediately placed on the Index of forbidden reading.”

“…We do NOT accept it [Ed.: i.e., the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America], or hold it to be any government at all… If the American Republic is to be sustained and preserved at all, it must be by the rejection of the principle of the [Ed.: Protestant] Reformation [Ed.: i.e., religious liberty], and the acceptance of the [Ed.: Roman] Catholic principle [Ed.: i.e., religious tyranny; and Roman Catholicism as the State religion]…” – “Catholic World” (August 1871; Page 735)

Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: Let me get this straight: If we Americans want our Constitutional Republic “to be sustained and preserved at all”, then this can only take place if we reject “the principle of the [Protestant] Reformation” (i.e., religious liberty for all, freedom of conscience, and freedom of the press) and accept “the [Roman] Catholic principle” (i.e., no religious liberty, ecclesiastical tyranny, and the extermination of all who disagree with the Roman Catholic principle). Now that’s certainly an interesting choice!


A. These quotes made by Roman Catholics were taken from chapter 18 of Loraine Boettner’s 466-page book, “Roman Catholicism”, which was published in 1962:

“The pope has the RIGHT to pronounce sentence of deposition [Ed.: i.e., removal from position of power] against any sovereign.” – “Bronson’s Review”, Vol. I, Page 48

“The pope is the supreme judge, even of civil laws, and is incapable of being under any true obligation to them.” – “Civilta Cattolica” (official Jesuit organ)

“NO [Ed.: Roman] Catholic may positively and unconditionally approve of the separation of church and state.” – Monsignor O’Toole, Catholic University of America (1939)

B. Here is another quote made by a Roman Catholic that was taken from a source other than Boettner’s book:

“These false and perverse opinions [of democracy and individual freedom] are so much the more DETESTABLE, by as much as they…hinder and banish that salutary INFLUENCE which the [Roman] Catholic Church, by the institution and command of her Divine Author, OUGHT FREELY TO EXERCISE, even to the consummation of the world, not only OVER individual men, but [OVER] nations, [OVER] peoples, and [OVER] sovereigns.” – Pope Pius IX (pope: 1846-1878; Quanta Cura; December 8, 1864) (This quotation was taken from page 120 of the book, “A Woman Rides the Beast”, by Dave Hunt.)

VI. REAL BIGOTRY (according to author Loraine Boettner)

Please consider the following comments by Loraine Boettner (found on page 422 of his book, “Roman Catholicism”; 1962) about Papal Rome’s bigotry:

“But when the facts of history are examined, Protestants stand forth clearly NOT as ‘bigots’, but [rather] as the ‘real champions of religious and political liberty’; while on the other hand, Roman Catholicism has maintained a RELIGIOUS DESPOTISM wherever it has been in power, even to the extent of PUTTING TO DEATH those who disagreed with it. The facts are so clear that they cannot be denied. And yet the recent propaganda campaign was conducted so skillfully and persistently that the Roman [Catholic] Church actually came to be looked upon by many as the victim of bigotry and intolerance. When the facts are presented, the ROMAN [CATHOLIC] CHURCH itself stands forth as the BIGGEST BIGOT of all time. In proof of that statement we submit the following:


[1.] To claim to be the only true church.

[2.] To teach that all [persons] outside the Roman [Catholic] Church are lost.

[3.] For the pope to claim infallibility, or that he is the very mouthpiece of God on [planet] Earth.

[4.] For the pope to claim for himself the title ‘Holy Father’ – a claim which is simply blasphemous. [Ed.: “Holy Father” is a title that should only be applied to God the Father – never to some fallible human being!]

[5.] For the Roman [Catholic] Church in its official pronouncements, such as those of the Council of Trent, to pronounce ANATHEMAS [Ed.: i.e., ecclesiastical condemnations, often with excommunication] upon all who dare to differ with it.

[6.] For the Roman [Catholic] Church to PERSECUTE or KILL those who dare to differ with it, as it has done on so many occasions in the past.

[7.] For the Roman [Catholic] Church to refer to Protestants as ‘heretics’.”

[Ed. Note: Again, please remember that the above words were written in 1962, and that this is but a small portion of what Boettner lists in his book concerning Papal Rome’s bigotry.]


The Spanish philosopher George Santayana told us: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to REPEAT it.” It surely seems that every fifty to one hundred years or so Papal Rome goes on a “mass-murder spree”, with the most recent being the Vatican’s Holocaust in Roman Catholic Fascist Croatia in the early 1940s, where a Fascist State and the Roman Catholic Church collaborated on a vicious religious genocide that took the lives of up to ONE MILLION innocent Serb Orthodox Christians. If we Americans do not quickly learn the “lessons” of Papal Rome’s bloody history (e.g., Inquisition, “holy” crusades, and “holy” wars), then we Americans may soon become the victims of Papal Rome’s NEXT religious genocide!

French statesman Baron DePonnat stated the following in 1940: “Roman Catholicism was born in BLOOD, has wallowed in BLOOD, has quenched its thirst in BLOOD, and it is in letters of BLOOD that its true history is written.”

William Ewart Gladstone [1809-1898], British statesman and prime minister, made the following statement in a letter to Earl Aberdeen: “No more cunning plot was ever devised AGAINST the freedom, the happiness and the virtue of mankind than ROMANISM [Ed.: i.e., the Roman Catholic system].”

Publisher Larry Harrison has stated: “Let America again be forewarned as to Rome’s INTENTION ‘to make America [ROMAN] CATHOLIC’.” (And America is being “Romanized” through massive illegal Roman Catholic immigration coming into the USA from Mexico and from other parts of Latin America – aided and abetted by the Roman Catholic hierarchy in both the USA and in Mexico! If you doubt this, then I again ask that you please read the article “Romanizing America Through Illegal Immigration” on Internet website Larry Harrison also said: “Popes have been consistent in their declarations that freedom of religion should NOT exist, and that the Church of Rome represents the ONLY true faith and therefore should ALONE be allowed to spread its doctrines.”

On March 16, 1960 Raymond Frazier warned: “Persecution of non-Catholics in [Ed.: Roman] Catholic-controlled countries should WARN Americans as to what will happen here if the pope ever gains full control of this country. [Ed.: Papal] Rome NEVER changes.”

Author David W. Daniels, in the Sept./Oct. 2005 issue of the “Battle Cry” newsletter, stated: “…The new pope, Benedict XVI, was recently in Germany for World Youth Day 2005. He urged Europe to return to its ‘Christian roots’. What does that mean? It means a time when kings lived in FEAR of the POPE. This new Roman Catholic leader was formerly the Chief Inquisitor, head of the ‘Holy Office’ of the Inquisition. Is it any coincidence that this German pope is still referred to by his colleagues as ‘Der Panzerkardinal’? …Get ready, folks, and hang onto your Bibles. What this new pope really wants is a 21st CENTURY VERSION of the DARK AGES.”

The Marquis de Lafayette, French statesman and general, stated: “It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country – the United States of America – are DESTROYED, it will be by the subtlety of the ROMAN CATHOLIC JESUIT PRIESTS, for they are the most crafty, dangerous ENEMIES to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated most of the wars of Europe.”

We Americans would do well to heed the above warnings!

Please visit website, and please read the following newsletters dealing with genocide: “Bloody Hands & Wicked Hearts”, “Death by Government and Death by Church”, and “The Vatican’s Holocaust”. Please also read “Papal Rome’s Hatred of Liberty” (on the same website) to learn just how much the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church hates those liberties and freedoms that we Americans love.


“Let us dare to read, think, speak and write.” – John Adams (1735-1826; 2nd President of the United States; statement made in 1765)

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