Monday, September 28, 2009

911:Vatican & Jesuits - Wikicompany

911:Vatican & Jesuits - Wikicompany

Click on the link for the best organized resource and access to other resources concerning the truth about the Roman Catholic faith, and its control of the worlds governments.

1 Introduction
2 Masonic cities
3 Jesuit operations
4 Popery & Heads of state
5 Military Order of Malta operations
6 Catholicism and the Holy Roman Empire
7 Reformation and Vatican control
8 Globalization
9 Occultism
9.1 Pharmacratic Inquisitions
10 Black nobility
11 Papal war against other religions
12 Jesuit and SMOM agenda
13 Where do we go from here?
13.1 Mass neurosis
13.2 Fascistic outgrowth
13.3 Political recommendations
14 Web links

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