Monday, October 5, 2009

Flu Pandemic Orchestrated To Kill Millions

BY Greg Szymanski, JD
July 16, 2009

The next 9/11 is on its way, this time in the form of an orchestrated flu pandemic geared at killing millions.

To jump start the orchestrated biological genocide, world-wide vaccinations are being planned as we speak.

But before you decide to vaccinate or not vaccinate, read A. True Ott’s article below.

Here is what True Ott has to say:

Today, July 13, 2009 (7-13-09) the Club of Rome’s World Health Organization (The W.H.O.) issued its marching orders concerning “Novel H1N1” pandemic influenza vaccinations to all United Nations “member” countries.

Just as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issues “recommendations” for what it terms “Voluntary Contributions” (TAX PAYMENTS), the W.H.O. today issued its “strong recommendations” (i.e. orders) on “Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Vaccines.” Of course, failure to follow the “recommendations” (i.e. phony laws) and timely file your “Voluntary Contributions” will cause IRS agents to visit your home or business, which visit usually results in arrest and imprisonment. Likewise, failure to follow the W.H.O. edicts may result in U.N. sanctions to members.

On Tuesday, July 7, 2009 – the W.H.O.’s THIRTEEN (13) all-wise “SAGES” (acronym for Strategic Advisory Group of Experts) on Immunization held an “extraordinary” meeting in Geneva Switzerland – and from this “extraordinary” meeting, the W.H.O.’s 13 world-renowned vaccination proponents and manufacturers came away with the following edicts:

1. ALL COUNTRIES should immunize their HEALTH-CARE WORKERS as a FIRST PRIORTY to protect the essential health infrastructure. Following health-care workers in order of high-priority for the vaccines are: A) Pregnant Women B) toddlers older than 6 months who suffer from chronic medical problems C) Healthy Young Adults age 15-49 years D) Healthy Children E) Healthy Adults between 50-64 years old, and last of course, F) OLD FOLKS older than 65 years old. (Oddly, this is basically a completely reversed order of priority for “seasonal” flu vaccines – with pregnant women advised AGAINST taking the shot at all.)
2. These wise Sages ADMIT that “since new technologies are involved in the production” of these “pandemic” vaccines, they “have not yet been extensively evaluated for their safety”. Therefore, the Sages declare that it is “very important to implement post-marketing surveillance of the highest possible quality.” Post marketing surveillance??? Shouldn’t this be done first? In other words, they don’t really know what level of side-effects to expect. This is simply mass HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION –and is unconscionable to advise giving it to pregnant women as a high priority!
3. The SAGES clearly declared that the “spread of the pandemic virus is unstoppable” – therefore, their goal is to QUICKLY provide vaccines for ALL U.N. Nations. Therefore, the 13 wise sages authorized the “production and use of vaccines formulated with oil-in-water adjuvants and live attenuated influenza viruses”. In other words, the sages declared it to be safe to use SQUALENE and/or INSECT DNA in the vaccines.

For the rest of the (lengthy) the title

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