Sunday, October 25, 2009

The History and Falsehoods of Romanism

Rome's Monopoly on 'Salvation'
Professor CAM Noble
originally posted 2/10/1998

How can a person not born into the Roman Catholic Church become a member? You cannot join it by giving your testimony of your new birth and personal acceptance of Jesus Christ by faith. It is not so simple.

Here is the profession of faith that all who are not born in the church are required to sign:

"I admit and embrace most firmly the apostolic and ecclesiastical traditions and all the other constitutions and prescriptions of the Church. I profess that in the mass is offered to God a true, real and propitiatory sacrifice for the living and the dead; that in the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist is really, truly and substantially the Body and Blood together with the soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, and there takes place what the Church calls transubstantiation; that is the change of all the substance of the bread into the body, and all the substance of the wine into the blood. I confess that in receiving either of these species one receives Jesus Christ, whole and entire. I firmly hold that purgatory exists and that the souls detained there can be helped by the prayers of the faithful. I profess firmly that the images of Jesus Christ and of the Mother of God, ever virgin, as well as all the saints should be given due honour and veneration. I also affirm that Jesus Christ left to the church the faculty to grant indulgences, and that their use is most salutary to Christian people. I promise and swear true obedience to the Roman Pontiff, successor to St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles and Vicar of Jesus Christ.

"Besides, I accept without hesitation and profess all that has been handed down, defined and declared by the sacred canons and by the general councils especially by the Sacred Council of Trent and by the Vatican General Council and in a special manner concerning the primacy and infallibility of the Roman Pontiff. This same Catholic faith outside which nobody can be saved. I promise and swear to maintain and profess with the help of God, entire inviolate and with firm consistency until the last breath of life; and I shall strive as far as possible that this same shall be held, taught and publicly professed by all those who depend on me and by those of whom I shall have charge, so help me God and these Holy Gospels."

...It is an oath to deny Jesus Christ as Saviour

This is the promise and solemn oath which all who would join the Roman Church are required to take. It is an oath to deny Jesus Christ as Saviour and trust the destiny of the soul to a mortal man and a false church.
Notice a number of things in this oath:

There is not one verse of Scripture in this entire confession on which they base their demands.

The convert is to subject himself to a mortal man, the Pope, for his destiny.

The convert is made to confess that there is no salvation outside the Roman Church.

The convert swears to worship images, for the confession clearly states that these images are to be "given due honour and veneration".

May we urge the reader to study carefully the above promise and oath which every convert to Romanism is required to sign. Then compare these superstitions and traditions with the Word of God. Will you entrust the eternal destiny of your soul to God's infallible promise of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ, or to a Church whose history has been error, cruelty, persecution and bigotry? It is Christ or the Pope.

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