Sunday, June 26, 2011

10 Fundamentals That Conservatives Running for Office Must Understand

By John W. Lillpop

 Government exists, at the will of the people, to provide a common defense against enemies of America, both foreign and domestic. We the people neither need, nor want, government bureaucrats telling us what to eat, how to raise children, what light bulbs to use, or other matters best left in the hands of the family.

 America was founded by men and women strong in the Christian faith. Denying our religious heritage for the purpose of politically-correct inclusion is morally wrong.

 Government has neither the resources nor the expertise to provide health care, to educate our youth, or to create jobs. In these ,as well as in most areas of life, government serves we the people best by getting out of the way!

 Racism is a wretched evil, made all the more damaging by its devastating impact on the human spirit. On the other hand, alleging racism, where it does not exist, for political, social, or economic gain is just as evil.

 Using the tax code to punish the accomplished in order to reward the less talented and bone idle is un-American and immoral. Taxes depress economic growth and the creation of jobs for American citizens and should always be challenged and opposed.

 Every dollar paid in taxes is one less dollar available to private enterprise for job creation.

 The use of armed military force should be limited to situations involving a vital national interest of the United States. No president, regardless of how brilliant, should make war(or Kinetic whatever) without the consent of Congress.

 Illegal immigration is a serious breach of borders and rule of law which harms America’s economy, employment, education, culture, and homeland security, and which costs American taxpayers more than $110 billion a year. Exploiting this issue as a means for growing the Democrat Party base rather than enforcing the rule of law to protect American citizens is un-American and immoral.

 There is nothing racist about defending American sovereignty, language and culture. On the other hand, racism is abundant when foreigners come here illegally and refuse to learn English and refuse to assimilate into American society.

 Character, integrity, and fidelity do matter! Without these qualities, no politician can possibly serve we the people.

John W. Lillpop
San Jose, California

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