Sunday, June 12, 2011

Moronic Mexicans in a Snit Over Alabama’s New Law!

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 - John Lillpop  Saturday, June 11, 2011
Some really stupid folks in Mexico are protesting Alabama’s great new law which is meant to stifle illegal invasions of America, mostly from Mexico.
As reported in part:
Outrage continued Friday in Mexico a day after Alabama’s governor signed the toughest law in the United States against illegal immigration.
The law would impose criminal penalties on employers who hire illegal immigrants, give local police broad powers to arrest anyone they suspect of entering the United States without a visa and compel public schools to check the immigration status of students.
Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement expressing “deep concern” over Alabama law HB 56. The statement said the law could violate the civil rights of Mexicans.
“Besides criminalizing the phenomenon of migration,” the law’s provisions “open the door for the improper application of the migration law by local police,” the Mexican Foreign Affairs Ministry statement says.
Other provisions of HB 56 make it illegal to knowingly rent housing to illegal immigrants and prohibit businesses from claiming tax deductions on wages they pay employees who lack work permits.
However, the Mexican Foreign Affairs Ministry said HB 56 “does not recognize the important contributions of immigrants to Alabama society and this country, nor is it consistent with the vision of shared responsibility, mutual respect and trust under which the governments of Mexico and the United States have agreed to conduct their bilateral relations.”
An estimated 11 million illegal immigrants live in the United States, according to the Pew Hispanic Center, a nonprofit advocacy organization. About 120,000 of them live in Alabama.
Mexican government officials said they would try to keep their citizens informed about the law and offer them legal assistance, regardless of their immigration status.”
To the dodo head who is called the Mexican Foreign Affairs Ministry: With all due respect, sir, it is up to Americans to determine “the important contributions of immigrants to Alabama society and this country.”
Fact is, illegal aliens cost US taxpayers more than $100 billion a year—some contribution!
To Mexico and all other Latin nations concerned about American states defending American sovereignty, language, and culture: You are better advised to spend your time and money in feeding, educating, and providing health care to YOUR citizens rather than dumping them on the backs of American taxpayers!
As far as concerns about how YOUR citizens will be treated in America: Keep them from invading America to begin with and your concerns will vanish!
Again, America is a sovereign state with borders and immigration laws that must be adhered to. The days when any Hispanic who decides unilaterally to invade America can do so with impunity are gone! Thankfully!

America: Land of the free and home to rule of law!

Please watch "Immigration Gumballs" if you haven't yet!


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