Saturday, September 15, 2012

Taliban 'Targeted Prince Harry' On Base

9:37am UK, Saturday 15 September 2012
Two US Marines die in an attack on Camp Bastion, but a senior Taliban commander tells Sky News Prince Harry was the target.

A Taliban commander has told Sky News that Prince Harry was the primary target of an attack on a major Allied military base in Afghanistan.

Two US Marines died and several others were hurt when militants launched the attack on Camp Bastion late Friday.

Prince Harry was more than a mile away with other crew members of the Apache attack helicopters when the attack took place, sources said. He was unharmed.

The Taliban initially claimed that the attack was carried out in revenge for a low-budget YouTube film which allegedly motivated rioters in Libya to kill the US ambassador and three other Americans this week.

But speaking from Cairo, Sky News Chief Correspondent Stuart Ramsay said: "It appears that rather than the attack being linked to the video, it was actually Prince Harry that was the target."

"This is quite a development, that the Taliban is confirming Prince Harry was the primary target."

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