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I Repeat, We Must Get the U.S. out of the UN and the UN out of the U.S.

 Jerry McConnell (Bio and Archives) Saturday, January 5, 2013
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I have made the statement seen above on many occasions over the past years, but I fear we are not a bit closer today than we were the first time I said it. Oh, there have been others who have agreed and carried the demand to new locations and people, but it remains just that; a statement.The only acceptance of any significance in this country comes from Obama and his forty thieves; correct that, he has far more than forty thieves as his co-conspirators agreeing with him and working hand in hand with the corrupt, evil and greedy charlatans ruling the United Nations, but the acceptance referred to above is what comes from dishonest and devious liberal Democrats who follow Obama in lock-step agreement.
That agreement is on the ultimate destruction of America and complete subjugation of all American citizens into the One World’ers and their ultimate goal of domination of everyone on the surface of the earth. And they will do anything in order to complete this task, including death to those who resist.By their own admission, as noted online at UN Watch was established in 1993 about twenty years ago, a non-governmental organization (NGO), based in Geneva, under the Chairmanship of Ambassador Morris B. Abram, a former U. S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations.It participates at the UN as an accredited NGO Special Consultative Status to the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). UN Watch is affiliated with the American Jewish Committee (AJC). One of its goals is to promote universal human rights and Arab-Israeli peace.

Published on ‘’ on January 1, 2013 was a listing of the “Top 10 Worst U N Decisions of 2012” By Phillip Pasmanick. The listing was compiled by U. N. Watch. This compilation may help you to understand that U. N. Watch is not necessarily an entity that is soft on UN activities, but will critique when criticism is warranted. The “Decisions” as presented here really are not favorable to the United States.

1.) The very FIRST of the ten total decisions considered “worst” for 2012 is the one involving the election by the UN body of the Sudan to the ECOSOC in spite of its highly critical activities of acts of genocide or deliberate and systematic destruction of whole cultural groups of people. Ironically the ECOSOC oversees human rights for the UN, a highly questionable position for a country involved in genocidal activities. Even more ironic is that the Sudan received more votes for election to ECOSOC than did the United States.

2.) SECOND - The Castro Regime had a shameful role at the UN Human Rights Council in backing Syria in a flagrant disregard for Human Rights when it succeeded in getting the UN to adopt Cuba’s “right to Peace” resolution which endorses “terrorism” at the same time on March 01, 2012.

3.) THREE - The deviousness of Richard Falk as UN investigator of “Israeli violations” even after he was removed from Human Rights Watch in wake of protests over his support for Hamas; his 9-11 conspiracies; and promotion of anti-semitism. Martin Griffiths wrote (to Wikipedia) that Falk described his family background as “assimilationist Jewish with a virtual denial of even the ethnic side of Jewishness”. More recently he has described himself as “an American Jew” and written about his Jewish identity. A man with such deviousness should not be trusted.

4.) FOUR - A UN March 15, 2012 report ridiculed worldwide for lavishing praise on the Qaddafi regime’s human rights record was unanimously adopted today by the 47-nation UN Human Rights Council, with president Laura Dupuy Lasserre overruling the objection made in the plenary by UN Watch. Libya under Qaddafi has documented severe violations of human rights and evidences of war.

5.) FIVE - When the UN starts its slippery slide into depravity, it moves along like lightning bolts. As of November 12, 2012 two dictators were elected to the (I wouldn’t kid you on this) Human Rights Council; the infamous Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and N. Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan. This brings the total of absolute Dictators with membership on the Council originally created to for the protection of Human Rights, to SEVEN! Nice keepers of the peace eh?

6.) SIX - As recorded online at, UN adopts 22 resolutions attacking Israel in the General Assembly, compared to 4 in the rest of the world combined in one week beginning December 19, 2012. The 4 resolutions other than against Israel, were one each against Syria, Iran, North Korea and Burma. These 22 anti-Israel resolutions accumulated during a period when Syria was massacring its own people and being sanctioned just ONE time.

7.) Seven - Adopting 0 (zero) UN resolutions for victims of human rights abuse in China, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, and many other non-democracies.

8.) Eight - Appointing a top official of the UN Human Rights Council, a hero to Holocaust deniers and defends Iranian tyrant Ahmadinejad’s “right to nuclear energy.”

9.) Nine - Celebrating a new “State of Palestine” days after Palestinians in Gaza committed armed aggression by attacking Israel with hundreds of rockets, and while the PA fails to exercise effective control over any part of Gaza or in much of the West Bank.

10.) Ten - Deciding to keep Syria’s Assad as a full member on UNESCO’s human rights committee.

With a United Nations overwhelmingly organized and actively aimed at destroying everything we cherish as a nation, it is sheer folly to continue to send many more billions of our tax dollars to the corrupt and greedy mercenaries that control their activities and belligerent actions taken against us. We not only send far more than our fair share but we receive NOTHING in return and what’s more, our most trusted friend, Israel, is the goal of extermination by this pack of thieves.

Our illegal president pays homage to the UN and is constantly working with them to bring our country to its knees and us to servitude at the hands of these enemies who sit in our country at our expense and danger.

To read the whole story of the UN and it's march toward bringing us under a global socialistic society, read The Fearful Master by G. Edward Griffin.

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