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The Power Behind Obama's Throne:

Roman Catholics Running our Government as of 2006:

By Greg Szymanski

To illustrate how President Reagan sold out his country by re-establishing diplomatic relations with the Vatican, read this portion of Chapter 1. Subliminal Rome, from Tupper Saussy's book, Rulers of Evil.

  When a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter announced in his 1992 Time Magazine cover story that a "conspiracy" binding President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II into a "secret, holy alliance" had brought about the demise of communism, at least one reader saw through the hype.

snippet of an article:

  Professor Carol A. Brown of the University of Massachusetts fired off a letter to Time's editors saying,

  Last week I taught my students about the separation of church and state. This week I learned that the Pope is running U.S. foreign policy. No wonder our young people are cynical about American ideals.

  What Brown had learned from Carl Bernstein I had discovered for myself over several years of private investigation: the papacy really does run United States foreign policy, and always has.

  Yes, Bernstein noted that the leading American players behind the Reagan/Vatican conspiracy, to a man, were "devout Roman Catholics" ­ namely, William Casey (Director, CIA), Richard Allen (National Security Advisor), Judge William Clark (National Security Advisor), Alexander Haig (Secretary of State), Vernon Walters (Ambassador-at-Large), and William Wilson (Ambassador to the Vatican State).

  But the reporter neglected to mention that the entire Senate Foreign Relations committee was governed by Roman Catholics, as well. Specifically, Senators Joseph Biden (Subcommittee on European Affairs), Paul Sarbanes (International Economic Policy, Trade, Oceans, and Environment), Daniel P. Moynihan (Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs), John Kerry (Terrorism, Narcotics, and International Communications) and Christopher Dodd (Western Hemi-sphere and Peace Corps Affairs).

  Bernstein would have been wandering off-point to list the Roman Catholic leaders of American domestic policy, such as Senate majority leader George Mitchell and Speaker of the House Tom Foley. In fact, when the holy alliance story hit the stands, there was virtually no arena of federal legislative activity, according to The 1992 World Almanac of US Politics, that was not directly controlled by a Roman Catholic senator or representative. The committees and subcommittees of the United States Senate and House of Representatives governing:
commerce, communications and telecommunications, energy, medicine, health, education and welfare, human services, consumer protection, finance and financial institutions, transportation, labor and unemployment, hazardous materials, taxation, bank regulation, currency and monetary policy, oversight of the Federal Reserve System, commodity prices, rents services, small business administration, urban affairs, European affairs, Near Eastern & South Asian affairs, terrorism/narcotics/ international communications, international economic/trade/ oceans/environmental policy, insurance, housing, community development, federal loan guarantees, economic stabilization measures (including wage and price controls), gold and precious metals transactions, agriculture, animal and forestry industries, rural issues, nutrition, price supports, Food for Peace, agricultural exports, soil conservation, irrigation, stream channelization, floodcontrol, minority enterprise, environment and pollution, appropriations, defense, foreign operations, vaccines, drug labeling and packaging, drug and alcohol abuse, inspection and certification of fish and processed food, use of vitamins and saccharin, national health insurance proposals, human services, legal services, family relations, the arts and humanities, the handicapped, and aging ­ in other words, virtually every aspect of secular life in America ­ came under the chairmanship of one of these Roman Catholic laypersons:

  Frank Annunzio, Joseph Biden, Silvio Conte, Kika De la Garza, John Dingell, Christopher Dodd, Vic Fazio, James Florio, Henry Gonzalez, Thomas Harkin, Edward Kennedy, John Kerry, John LaFalce, Patrick Leahy, Charles Luken, Edward Madigan, Edward Markey, Joseph McDade, Barbara Mikulski, George Miller, Daniel Moynihan, John Murtha, Mary Rose Oaka,r David Obey, Claiborne Pell, Charles Rangel, Dan Rostenkowski, or Edward Roybal.

  Vatican Council II's Constitution on the Church (1964) instructs politicians to use their secular offices to advance the cause of Roman Catholicism. Catholic laypersons, "whoever they are, are called upon to expend all their energy for the growth of the Church and its continuous sanctification," and "to make the Church present and operative in those places and circumstances where only through them can it become the salt of the earth" (iv, 33).

  Vatican II further instructs all Catholics "by their competence in secular disciplines and by their activity [to] vigorously contribute their effort so that the goods of this world may be more equitably distributed among all men, and may in their own way be conducive to universal progress in human and Christian freedom and [to] remedy the customs and conditions of the world, if they are an inducement to sin, so that they all may be conformed to the norms of justice and may favor the practice of virtue rather than hinder it" (iv, 36).
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