Friday, June 27, 2008

High-Tech Combat Equipment Expedited for Use in Iraq -

Read this and ask yourself, Does it appear likely whoever is elected really will have any control over what our military involvement will be in the future? The power behind the throne has already determined how much...and anticipated outcomes without any REAL oversight.
The masters in the CFR still parade the puppets around, and Americans by and large believe the puppets matter. We haven't had a president for over 50 years who wasn't a member of this private club. Candidates on both tickets are approved by the masters before being allowed to run. doesn't matter if you vote Republican or Demacrat, you elect David Rockefeller. It amazes me how many people I work with don't believe anything BUT the smoke and mirrors. It's as though people don't really want to know the truth. They want smooth sailing and think that keeping their head in the sand will make the storm go away. Please read the text of "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" by Gary Alan, accessible at the links to the left.
High-Tech Combat Equipment Expedited for Use in Iraq -

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