Monday, May 30, 2011

I Am Israel

I stole this in it's entirety from CanadaFreePress, To go to the original post at that site, click on the title of this post. Fred- I love Israel!

Israel is a land promised by God to it’s people…..His people

- Online By Darla Dawald Saturday, May 28, 2011

Israel has history, that despite horrendous, unrelenting attempts, cannot be erased. Their heritage is sealed in the pages of the bible and history books for all to see. Though many have tried to eradicate the Jews and the Jewish State, the Israelis continue to stand and fight and protect their birthright. Israel is the beacon in the night, lighting the pathway to peace in the midst of turmoil, hate, war mongering, and pure wickedness. Their enemies would like nothing better than to annihilate Israel’s people and claim the land as their conquest. Throughout time and the barrage of attacks, Israel stands. Israel shows compassion yet strength, endurance yet sensitivity. Israel is a land promised by God to it’s people…..His people.

I have compassion for those that have been separated from their land, those that are survivors of the horrific holocaust, and those that have lost loved ones under the attacks from the evil that surrounds them daily. Though I do not entirely understand their beliefs, I admire and respect them, for I know that we serve the same God. Not the God of Hamas, not the God of Islam, the God of Abraham!

I have included this video called I am Israel. I think you will enjoy it, I know I did. It is sad yet at the same time it is a story of perseverance, of great love for one’s homeland, and of survival. As a cancer survivor and a patriot in the some of the darkest times our country has seen, I can say that Israel inspires me. I understand just why we are allies and how important that relationship is to the very ideals of freedom and liberty. We share far more with Israel than many want to believe. We are brothers, friends, survivors, and we are hated by Islam. Together we must continue to stand for all that is RIGHT!

Our policy is very simple. The Jewish state was set up to defend Jewish lives, and we always reserve the right to defend ourselves.—Benjamin Netanyahu

So I think we should stay focused on the real problem in the Middle East. It’s not Israel. It’s these dictatorships that are developing nuclear weapons with the specific goal of wiping Israel away.—Benjamin Netanyahu

I am certain that I speak on behalf of my entire nation when I say: September 11th we are all Americans – in grief, as in defiance.—Benjamin Netanyahu

When I say that terrorism is war against civilization, I may be met by the objection that terrorists are often idealists pursuing worthy ultimate aims — national or regional independence, and so forth. I do not accept this argument. I cannot agree that a terrorist can ever be an idealist, or that the objects sought can ever justify terrorism. The impact of terrorism, not merely on individual nations, but on humanity as a whole, is intrinsically evil, necessarily evil and wholly evil. BENJAMIN NETANYAHU, International Terrorism

God Bless You and Yours, God Bless America and God Bless Israel!

For Liberty,
-Darla Dawald

When Jesus comes back in clouds of glory, He's coming to Israel! He put His name there... forever! The time of the gentiles is almost over, then God will again turn to the Jews. Those opposed to Israel will be cast down finally. Thank God for the Jewish nation Israel!

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