Friday, May 6, 2011

NW Jesuits to pay $166 million to abuse victims

The Roman Catholic Church is NOT part of the Christian church as evidenced by the following truths!

"In one of the largest settlements nationwide in the Roman Catholic Church's sexual-abuse crisis, the Jesuits will pay $166.1 million to about 500 abuse victims — many of them Native Americans or Alaska Natives.

Catholic Church's sex-abuse scandal
January 2002: Scandal breaks with reports that priests in Boston sexually abused hundreds of children over past decades; victims across nation later begin filing lawsuits.
July 2004: Beset by abuse claims, Archdiocese of Portland, Ore., becomes first in nation to seek bankruptcy protection.
September 2004: Diocese of Tucson (Arizona) seeks bankruptcy protection, followed in December by Diocese of Spokane.
2006-2011: Six more dioceses or archdioceses seek bankruptcy protection.
November 2007: Jesuit order in Northwest settles 110 abuse claims for $50 million. Other claims settled before that date and up to the order's declaration of bankruptcy totaled about $34 million.
February 2009: Beset by continuing claims, Jesuit order in Northwest becomes first Catholic religious order to seek Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
March 25, 2011: Northwest Jesuits agree to pay $166.1 million to some 500 victims to settle bankruptcy proceedings. Settlement includes apologies to victims.
Sources: Seattle Times archives, victims' attorney John Manly, Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus

Largest settlements in the abuse scandal
Archdiocese of Los Angeles: $660 million
Diocese of San Diego: $198 million
Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus (NW Jesuits): $166.1 million
Diocese of Orange, Calif.: $100 million
Archdiocese of Boston: $84.3 million
Diocese of Covington, Ky.: $79 million
Diocese of Wilmington, Del: $77 million
Archdiocese of Portland, Ore.: $71.5 million
Archdiocese of Los Angeles: $60 million
Diocese of Oakland, Calif.: $56 million
Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus (NW Jesuits): $50 million
Diocese of Spokane: $48 million
Source:, Diocese of Wilmington"

For the whole story please click on the title of this post to be taken to The Seattle Times web site. 

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  1. A basic thought :
    How this "chuch" can still be "legal" in our countries.... Imagine how would be treated any other group who would practising the raping of children on this scale....

    May the LORD have mercy on those kids when they grow up..
    And thanks to GOD who had carry me out of the Whore of Babylon

    Shabbat shalom :-)
    /(sorry if my english is not perfect)


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