Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shocking Court Ruling: You Cannot Bar Police From Entering Your Home Even If They Have No Warrant!

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NEWS BRIEF: "Indiana High Court: No right to resist illegal cop entry into home, news, May 17, 2011
"INDIANAPOLIS | Overturning a common law dating back to the English Magna Carta of 1215, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Hoosiers have no right to resist unlawful police entry into their homes. In a 3-2 decision, Justice Steven David writing for the court said if a police officer wants to enter a home for any reason or no reason at all, a homeowner cannot do anything to block the officer's entry."

This decision is most shocking, and it absolutely propels America into the beginning of a pre-dictatorship phase. One of the most effective firewalls which our Founding Fathers erected to protect us for the dictatorial "knock in the dark" was the requirement that police had to present "probable cause" to a judge before they could forcibly enter a person's home.

This decision swiftly takes away that protection, a protection dating back to the Magna Carta of 1512! This event is a major one, indeed!

Since this decision was made by a state Supreme Court, only the U.S. Supreme Court can overrule it. Will the top Court in the land overturn this Indiana Court decision? I think it highly unlikely, since the U.S. Supreme Court has just made a similar decision.

NEWS BRIEF: "Supreme Court gives police leeway in home searches", Los Angeles Times, May 17, 2011

"Reporting from Washington— The Supreme Court gave police more leeway to break into homes or apartments in search of illegal drugs when they suspect the evidence otherwise might be destroyed. Ruling in a Kentucky case Monday, the justices said that officers who smell marijuana and loudly knock on the door may break in if they hear sounds that suggest the residents are scurrying to hide the drugs."

"In her dissent, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said she feared the ruling gave police an easy way to ignore 4th Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures. She said the amendment's "core requirement" is that officers have probable cause and a search warrant before they break into a house.
"How 'secure' do our homes remain if police, armed with no warrant, can pound on doors at will and …forcibly enter?" Ginsburg asked. An expert on criminal searches said the decision would encourage the police to undertake "knock and talk" raids."

America is finally reaping the whirlwind after years of building a High Court which is predominately Roman Catholic. You have to look no further than the 300-year Inquisition to realize that Rome has never had any interest in the checks and balances inherent in our system of government!

All the above came from  Go to the original post by clicking on the title of this post.  Regarding the remark concerning the Roman Catholic church...I have to agree 100%.

Indiana New Law gives Indiana Residents another perspective: Enrolled Acts Senate Bill 0001- 2012

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